Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sneaking one in

Today Mike and I slept in a bit and then went to lunch. It was tasty. Then we headed to the lake. It's cold, but not too bad. It's supposed to get super cold soon though, so we went while it got up to 50 degrees today. Supposedly!! But it did NOT feel like 50 degrees out on the lake. :) It was cold!! But we had fun. It was a super windy day too and we got up to 5 knots! 

Then on the way home, I debated riding since it was going to be at that odd time where I didn't quite have enough time, but almost. I decided I might as well ride because it was still fairly comfortable out and it's supposed to be super cold at the beginning of this week and then rainy, so.... we went for it. :)

I wanted to do some dressage again, because we are now able to do some ground poles and lateral work at the trot. Yay! We went for a quick hack around the jump arena to warm up and then did some dressage. He wasn't as good today as the other day. He was a bit fussier in the contact and was doing that hopping thing tracking right again. Sigh... But he was pretty good. We got some good moments. And his  turn on the forehands and haunches were actually quite good and his lateral work was pretty responsive even without the spurs. 

We then did another short hack around the little lake to cool off. 

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