Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Other Side

Dan and I had a good ride today. We beat the heat (mostly) and had a nice quiet relaxing ride. It was peaceful... we went to the part of Ashland that is magical... and healing. I mean, all of Ashland is lovely, but this part.. just feels very healing to me. I had a little meltdown Monday night. But... afterwards... it is well with my soul. Dan and I are going to make it to the other side. I'm trusting that God has my back.... and His timing is impeccable. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Soooo humid

Except it got better.. nice breeze... storm about to roll through..

had a great ride. Got to ashland and they were working on the sound system so there were tractors everywhere and the speakers kept grunting. Danny was good though. Nice hack... 

then home, he went banananas! Oh dan

Saturday, June 27, 2020

More Jumanji

Y'all... 2020 is weird... 

Now we've got Saharan dust storms blowing in....  The skies were bizarre today. But.. we got a nice quick ride in. We met up with Kelli and Marvin and went for our short walk. They were both good. Dan was on a mission and was power walking! When we finished our hack, Kelli took Marvin back into the arena so that we could see him strut his stuff. And Dan was bored so he knocked over the cone. :) Ha ha! Oops. Sorry Lucy!

Then I came home and went and looked at some property. And then... it got black out... the winds came and were intense and then a storm hit. So I'm glad I got to ride earlier in the day. :)

The views weren't great because the skies were so dusty. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Gods Timing

Well.... Dan and I went for another walk. We were good and only spent 30 minutes out there. But... when we tried to turn around half way through... Dan didn't want to. He kept trying to turn back around and keep going. Me too, buddy... me too. But... we have to make good life chioces and behave so that we can get back to playing. So we turned around and came home. 

But...thinking about it, I had to praise God. I mean... if I'm going to have to rehab my horse... and we can only do short walks for a few months... what better time than now. Looking back, it all kind of fell into place. Covid hit... which meant I took the month off, which meant I was finally able to ride multiple rides in a row repeatedly and figured out that Dan was in fact, broken. Then I had to wait for the vet appointment so I was able to work on the house. And because of Covid, no one else was showing anyways either. Then we had the vet appointment and were told to wait longer. And then my house sold. And now I'm dealing with a ton of stress trying to pack the house up, find a new farm to move to, and work. So if I was trying to ride on top of that... especially if I was trying to show, or get ready for AEC's... that would be too much. Way too much. So, I'm very grateful to God for that. And I'm very grateful that Dan is allowed to trail walk, because... I need that. Oh do I need that! It is my stress reliever...

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Around the rain

Well... I woke up early this morning to try to sneak in a ride before work, but... woke up not feeling great and when I went outside it was misting and looking rough. So... I bailed. I was just so tired. But of course, despite laying in bed for another hour longer... I couldn't sleep. I was in the exhausted state where I swear I was asleep, but I wasn't. Sigh. Oh well. And it never did any thing else weather wise. Sigh. So then I went to work and did 3 horses and then my last one cancelled. Well, they had someone at their barn test positive for Covid, so she offered to let me bail. I bailed. But that meant I had enough time to ride! So the weather was looking kind of sketchy, but.. it seemed like it was going the other way so.. off we went. :)

We started off with a nice relaxing ride. It was hot and steamy, but... kind of a nice breeze. I was distracted because my phone kept going off so I finally gave up and was replying to some messages. We were in the big hay field behind the lake and I was texting and suddenly we were spinning hard and I almost came off! I almost flung my phone. I did lose my crop. Doh! Dan stopped luckily and then I saw the deer bounding off. She was bedded down in the tall grass and when she jumped up... she scared the tar out of Dan. He settled quickly though. I tried to get him to grab my crop, but the grass was too tempting. So.. I had to hop off and get it. Luckily there were logs stacked up nearby so I could get back on. We continued on our merrily way until the very end. We were coming up past the small lake and Dan started snorting and threatening to spin and bolt staring at the boathouse. ??? What?! I don't see anything.... Still don't see anything... I guess Dan must have been spooking at the cinder block?? So I managed to get him past it, but he did it by cantering up the short hill, and ducking hard left... almost scraping me off him with the branches. Goober!

Then we were fine. :)