Sunday, December 17, 2017

No more Ulcers!!!

Which means Danny is just a big ol' butthead. :) Ha! But seriously.... He scoped all healed and no more evidence of ulcers. So.... WHY is he still biting at the air and so grumpy when I groom and tack him???? Ugh.... I'm hoping that the change in turn out will help a bit. And perhaps getting to trot more will help. Although I'm wondering if he will be grumpy until he gets another "breeze" and can gallop to his little hearts content. I guess we'll find out... in about 12 weeks. Ugh... Poor guy. I can't blame him. 

Anyways... we did the scoping this morning and he was clear. So I'll start him on the ReLyne today and see if that helps him feel better too. We ended up x-raying his feet to check his angles and such. They looked pretty good. We did find a small bit of roughening on his left hind fetlock, but it wasn't something that I needed to be alarmed about. 

After he got over being drunk, he got to eat a big bowl of soaked alfalfa cubes and then we headed to Ashland to ride. He was still pretty sore on that cut heel bulb so we just did a long walk with Kelli and Arwyn. 


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