Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bored bored Baby

Poor Danno. I really must find time to do fun things with him again. He was so bored that him and Wyatt engaged in a 8 minute stretch of chase! He spent the entire time at a mad gallop! 

But he sure is pretty.... :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Long break and back at it

I can't remember if I rode Danny again after the ride at High Point. I don't think I did. Life got in the way. Fleck and I were prepping for Texas. Then I was in Texas. Then I went to Kansas for chiro school. So Danny got at least 3 weeks with no work. Poor guy must have been bored. He made friends with the neighbors cow. They were so cute... mutual grooming over the fence and playing "Face boxing". Awww... No excuses when we get to Pine Top Mr. Dan!

I decided to try long lining him again at Ashland. I knew he needed something to do. He loaded right up like a champ and hauled great. I hooked him right up and off we went. He was great! He still didn't want to cross the small dam by himself (in the lead) so I had to lead him across. But once across, he was brave and trekking out on his own. Despite not having done it for 3 plus weeks, he was fantastic. He would break into the trot on occasion but soft pressure would quickly bring him back down. And on a few occasions when he broke to the canter while trotting, again, gentle pressure would bring him back down. Or at least to a nice quiet canter that I could keep up with. Hee hee... Nah, he was good. Once I asked again, he came back down easily.

I was so proud of him. We'll keep up with it and work more on the in hand stuff and sending him over fences for fun too. Yay!!! I cannot wait until next Spring/Summer. He's going to be so much fun.