Sunday, December 10, 2017

Drunk monkey??? Bloodhound???

What on earth was I riding today?!? :) 

I may have given Dan a bit too much ace this morning. ;) I really wanted to turn them out in the front right field... because the round pen is just too muddy. And Danny is still very grumpy despite being on 30 days of ulcergard. He's air biting, biting when I groom him, and he was SUPER grumpy yesterday when I groomed his girth area. Sigh.. I feel so bad for him. So, while he's really not supposed to be cantering, and while he can pick up a canter in that field, he could also pick up a canter in the round pen, and now it's a slick soupy shoe sucking muscle tearing mess. So... I decided it was worth the risk. But I did ace him more this morning and made him wait 45 minutes instead of 30. And it worked! Him and Fleck were happily grazing. :) All day. :) I didn't see any shenanigans. And I was working on paperwork ALL day and watching them from my desk. So yay!

But then.. I finally got to ride! It was probably 4 pm when I got on. And I aced him at 9 am. But he was sooooo chill today. Maybe it's cause we were by ourselves... who knows?! But he was so chill!

He spent the whole ride practically with his head on the ground, snuffling the leaves like a bloodhound. He's so weird!! Then when we finally got to trot he was a lazy slug! He wanted to peanut roll a bit. 

But it was a nice day. Just chilly!
 The geese did make him pick his head up briefly.... 
Geese Danny... Geese!

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