Monday, February 24, 2014

Better Baby!

He redeems himself :)
He loaded right up with Fleck and off we went to Ashland. I tacked him up and he didn't flinch. It's been awhile since he had the saddle on. We walked up to the jump ring and I put him on the circle. He walked and trotted well and even cantered both ways fairly well. Going to the left is definitely tougher for him. He wasn't as consistent with picking up the left lead as the right and he was much more resistant to turning. But he did it. And he didn't get away, though he tried a few times. Little brat! So then I added the side reins but left them pretty loose. He was a little grumpy, but settled into them and was quite nice. We got the right lead canter pretty well, but the left lead was even tougher going to the right with the side reins. We managed it but it took some serious coaxing. I praised the heck out of him and we finished. I do have to laugh at him because he's such a goof. He gets praised and wants to come in for loving. Good boy!

He was pretty decent for his bath and was a very good boy hanging out in the trailer while Fleck and I went for our ride. I think I actually left him in there for an hour and a half! Oops!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lunging woes

ooooh, bad baby horse...  
 I decided to do another lunge session with Danny but was running a bit late so I did it at home instead of elsewhere. He started out pretty decently. He was mostly listening and only squirted off a few times. And I was able to hold him. But about 15 minutes into it (maybe... maybe not even that long), he bolted enough that I lost him. Argh. He didn't go far so I caught him and we went again. It was when I was asking him to canter. So I asked again and again he broke loose. Only this time he went all the way back to the barn. Argh... 

I was annoyed at him for bolting off but also frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to get him to canter on the lunge. He just can't get his lead and hold it. Lots of cross firing and counter cantering. But he did manage it a few times but it was only a few strides and when I asked him to bend around me on the lunge, he couldn't do it. That's when he bolted. So... I'm just a little worried that he can't canter!!! Though I know better. He's young.. it's a tight circle, slippery footing, etc. He cantered just fine at Ashland. 

So anyways... I caught him and put him in the round pen. Try to run away from me now little butt!! Still very hard for him to canter. And it was not really fair to ask since it was so slick in there. So I got two strides minimum and then let him go back to trot. But I was still a little pissed at him too, for bolting. So I took him down to the old ring area and made him canter both ways down there. It was much better. He still didn't want to bend, but he did. 

So yeah... I guess he wasn't that naughty... but he finished on a good note. We'll try later this week at Ashland and see if it's better at Ashland.  And do an adjustment :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow to Sunshine

What a difference a week makes!!! Last week was an ice/snow storm and this week, Tuesday dawned warm and sunny!!! Like for real sunny and warm! I got a lot of sleep at work the night before so I decided it was too pretty of a day to sleep, so I packed up both boys and away we went.

I rode Fleck first and Dan was pretty good just chilling in the trailer. There was another girl lunging in the rings and Danny was pretty up. I didn't want to mess up her mojo, so we headed out to the XC field. Danny was amped but we went to work. He was a pretty good kid. I'm a little worried about his canter. Especially going to the right, he wants to cross canter behind. Guess I better get his adjustment done. But when he was able to run into it (instead of bolt into it) and wasn't on too small of a circle, he was able to get the proper lead and hold it. So we worked on that. There was definitely some shenanigans. He was trying to eat and kicked himself in the chin again. Which actually made a mark. And then promptly initiated some bucks and squirting off! Unfortunately, pulling back on him I ended up breaking the rope halter. (Wyatt had already chewed it almost in half... I just finished the job). Eeeks!!! Luckily it held enough for me to walk to beast back to the trailer and put his Micklem on. Then back out we went. 

This time we played on XC. We walked into the water and he had a blast!!! He pawed like crazy! Never would lie down, but pawed up a storm. I couldn't get him to go down the bank into the water but I also didn't have on waterproof shoes and didn't want to get wet. But he went in and out of the water happily and out going out the up bank. :) Then we went to the regular ditch and he got the hang of it. I wouldn't say he "walked" through them, but he walked up to them and gently jumped over. :) :) We also went up and down the regular bank which was "No sweat"! Then we lunged over/jumped 2-3 little logs. All in all, he was really good :) :) 

Both boys worked up enough of a sweat that they were both rinsed. Of course Danny danced a bit but really no more than Fleck. :) Yay! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm seeing a trend here.... snow day... burning off steam.... snow day..... more burning off steam.

Come on Weather!!! Cooperate so that I can finally get Danny doing something fun again. I'm finally done with Kansas, so... bring on the nice weather!

But... Danny had so much fun today. And oh my goodness... he's just so darn pretty!!! So pretty I can't stand it!!!

Without further ado.... That which is Dan!

 Look at his "wake"!

 okay... just a few more..... but seriously... he's GORGEOUS!!! :)

More Snow!

Or Ice.... 

 Oh Dan..... really?!? :)


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Burning off some steam!

With the weather being uncooperative... Danny's been slacking. We were able to get out of the driveway so I took both boys to Ashland figuring they both needed to work. I did Dan first and since I was running a bit short on time, opted to lunge him in the ring. The footing was phenomenal there and I was a little worried about the footing in the woods and XC course. 

Danny was pretty good. He's lost a little bit of his responsiveness to the stop and go the other way cue. He's also a bit pokey picking up the canter when I ask, but he's got walk/trot down. We had some good work and then I decided to take pictures. I had to take one glove off and hold the phone in one hand. He was really good. At first! Then he realized I guess, and bolted. I managed to hang on briefly, which resulted in me being pulled forward and then belly flopping on the ground. Ugh... It didn't hurt but I pulled my butt muscle and got a bit of rope burn on my hand. He ran back to the trailer and ate 2 apples. Twit!

I got him back into the ring and we went back to work. He behaved this time. :) Then we were done and headed back to the ring. 

But... here's the pictures I got. :)

and yes... he has kicked himself in the face before....

Oh, and then I made him pose in the snow for pictures!