Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maybe it's not the ace.....

Today was WINDY!!! Like blow me off the horse freezing cold WINDY!! And Dan got his reserpine but no ace and he was GOOD!!! Super good!!! Perhaps it's the lack of company and no need to show off?? OR... it's because he was a little sore today since he clipped his heel bulb yesterday in the paddock. 
Regardless, it was a nice, albeit cold, ride. We started in the arena because I actually kind of felt like doing a little bit of dressage. We did our walk warm up and then did some serpentines and some circles. He was nice and soft and supple and I worked very hard on not nagging him with my calves. For two reasons... one, because he doesn't respond and he's just getting dull to my aids, and two, because perhaps he doesn't need to actually walk faster. Then we did shoulder in and haunches in and leg yield and he was SUPER! So then I decided that was enough lateral work for now and went to pick up the trot. It was a beautiful buoyant trot for a circle... and then he was head bobbing lame. What?!?!?! Argh. It's cause he clipped his heel bulb yesterday. It's a superficial little wound, but I imagine it's a lot like the split in my thumb. Fine, until you smoosh it and then it hurts like a mother!! Especially in the arena with the sand sneaking into it. 

So, no worries.. we headed out for the trails and I figured we'd just walk. That's when the wind picked up! BRRRR. It was super cold! But Dan was super chill. He just kept on trucking. :) 

Sooooo windy... your mane is on the wrong side! 

We went  over the bridge and up the hill towards the hay fields. And as we were meandering through the woods I saw this big black thing in the hay field. It was odd looking... and very still. I sort of thought it was something that had blown into the field. But then I remembered that Jeanette had asked me if I had seen the black coyote the other day. I wasn't sure if she was being silly and calling her horse "the black coyote" or if she really meant a black coyote.... So I wondered. Dan and I made our way around back to the backside of the hay field so I snuck him over to it to see what it was. And yep.. it was the black coyote. We scared him off before I could get a good look. So... either a black coyote, or a wolf, or a big dog. :) But it definitely wasn't one of the farm dogs. It was pretty cool. I hope that he doesn't get chased off or caught and killed. 

You gotta look quick! 

Then Dan was a little bit on edge, which made me a little leery that it was following us. :) But I never saw it again. 

But yep... despite the cold, the lamenss and the coyote... a good ride. :) Hopefully his heel bulb will feel better by Thursday. I want that trotting now that i can. :) We even get to bump up to 10 minutes in 2 days. Heal Heel!!! HEALLLLL!!!! ;) 

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