Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Eve Ride

Today Kelli and I had a good ride together. It was cold though. We walked through the woods and the fields and then finished with some trotting in the XC field. I was able to show Kelli the black coyote. :) He's so pretty! I really hope he doesn't get trapped.

 After we did our walk, I split off from Kelli and did two 5 minute trot sets on the hills. Then we finished with a minute or two of dressage trotting. :) I know.. I'm cheating a tad bit but I figured that I was incrementally building him up to 15 minutes, which is Thursday this week!!!

Then after my ride, Mike and I went to his Mom's for Christmas. It was a nice day. It was fun hanging out with Mike. And we both looked all pretty. :) Too bad we didn't get photos. 

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