Saturday, December 2, 2017

Change of Scenery Again

I've been trying to get to the horse park to ride for a good bit but it's been tough with the change in daylight. Today Kelli was showing over there so she suggested we go for a hack after her dressage test. So yay!

Unfortunately the show was running behind so I was on time (for once, of course) and had to wait. I didn't realize until it was too late. I had already gotten on Dan. We were trying to stay out of the way of the showing but it was a bit tricky. Dan was rearing up a bit in the parking lot area. Then I realized that Kelli was doing her test and I didn't want to distract Arwyn so we tried to stay out of sight. I ended up meandering to the little warm up area and saw some friends and chatted. Then I tried to do a little bit of walking to get Dan from being too excited as he was starting to get aggravated. I did a little bit of turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches. He was okay for that but then his tongue came out briefly. I really do think it's a frustration thing for him.  It wasn't nearly as bad as it has been and it was quick and brief, so... fingers crossed. 

Finally Kelli finished her tests and had some time to breathe and talk them through with a friend. Then we were off! Dan was great on the trails, even when we came upon 5 border collies racing in the field and then an abandoned golf cart. Good pony!! We got our 55 minutes of walking and probably 4 minutes of trotting because I couldn't find a long enough path before we hit rocks or the open field. But that's okay. I was on him a lot longer because of the 30 minute wait in the beginning. 

So yep.. It was a lovely ride. After the ride though Dan went bonkers again. Poor kid. I feel for him. I know he was frustrated at having to wait already. And it was hot and he got sweaty. So I took him over to the wash rack for a quick rinse. But oh my! That hose there was terrible. It was one of those flat hoses that fills up with pressure, but... it sucked so bad. So I basically like.. trickled water on Dan. As I was walking back to the trailer Kelli hailed me and wanted to show me her tests. Which was great, but it meant Dan had to wait. And of course there was no grass where we were so he was fussing around being a goober. After 10 minutes Dan and I headed back to the trailer but suddenly he went bolting and spinning around me! He was spooking at another horse trailer leaving. I got him under control and then the trailer moved again and then he spooked and bolted and spun in circles around me again. This went on about 2 more times before I finally got Kelli to come help me. I had to drop my bucket and basically beat him backwards off of me. Then every couple of steps I would stop and make sure he was paying attention to me and also stopped. Good grief!! I"m just afraid he's going to get loose and go running wild.  We managed to get back to the trailer and then he was fine. He loaded great and we headed home. It's never just simple with him lately. ;)

Then once we got home I was able to pack and organize my trailer a good bit, so that made me happy too! 

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