Sunday, December 17, 2017

Chilly Weekend

This weekend was a little bit of a rough weekend. It wasn't a good weekend for me because of.... family matters. So... I wasn't able to ride Saturday until later in the day and only at home. And Dan was still pretty lame. And it was cold. So... we only did about 45 minutes and then I gave up and headed in. 

And then today... while I was still sad, I was able to go ride. It was a cold, icky, dreary day... and while it was only a 30% chance of rain, it looked like it was going to rain. And it did. I did give Dan some bute to help his foot feel better. So we at least had a decent ride. :) 

We started off in the arena and had about 20 minutes of dressage and Dan was great! We did our lateral work at the walk and I worked on me. Then we did one trot circle and he was pretty sound, so I decided to hit the trails. Plus it was starting to rain and I thought it would be better in the woods. So we headed out and did our 5 minute trot set. And then we walked a bit more.. and then.. we did a SECOND 5 MIN TROT SET!!! Yahooo!!! I was so waiting for this. And Dan felt good! We had a good ride, despite the drizzle. 


No more Ulcers!!!

Which means Danny is just a big ol' butthead. :) Ha! But seriously.... He scoped all healed and no more evidence of ulcers. So.... WHY is he still biting at the air and so grumpy when I groom and tack him???? Ugh.... I'm hoping that the change in turn out will help a bit. And perhaps getting to trot more will help. Although I'm wondering if he will be grumpy until he gets another "breeze" and can gallop to his little hearts content. I guess we'll find out... in about 12 weeks. Ugh... Poor guy. I can't blame him. 

Anyways... we did the scoping this morning and he was clear. So I'll start him on the ReLyne today and see if that helps him feel better too. We ended up x-raying his feet to check his angles and such. They looked pretty good. We did find a small bit of roughening on his left hind fetlock, but it wasn't something that I needed to be alarmed about. 

After he got over being drunk, he got to eat a big bowl of soaked alfalfa cubes and then we headed to Ashland to ride. He was still pretty sore on that cut heel bulb so we just did a long walk with Kelli and Arwyn. 


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maybe it's not the ace.....

Today was WINDY!!! Like blow me off the horse freezing cold WINDY!! And Dan got his reserpine but no ace and he was GOOD!!! Super good!!! Perhaps it's the lack of company and no need to show off?? OR... it's because he was a little sore today since he clipped his heel bulb yesterday in the paddock. 
Regardless, it was a nice, albeit cold, ride. We started in the arena because I actually kind of felt like doing a little bit of dressage. We did our walk warm up and then did some serpentines and some circles. He was nice and soft and supple and I worked very hard on not nagging him with my calves. For two reasons... one, because he doesn't respond and he's just getting dull to my aids, and two, because perhaps he doesn't need to actually walk faster. Then we did shoulder in and haunches in and leg yield and he was SUPER! So then I decided that was enough lateral work for now and went to pick up the trot. It was a beautiful buoyant trot for a circle... and then he was head bobbing lame. What?!?!?! Argh. It's cause he clipped his heel bulb yesterday. It's a superficial little wound, but I imagine it's a lot like the split in my thumb. Fine, until you smoosh it and then it hurts like a mother!! Especially in the arena with the sand sneaking into it. 

So, no worries.. we headed out for the trails and I figured we'd just walk. That's when the wind picked up! BRRRR. It was super cold! But Dan was super chill. He just kept on trucking. :) 

Sooooo windy... your mane is on the wrong side! 

We went  over the bridge and up the hill towards the hay fields. And as we were meandering through the woods I saw this big black thing in the hay field. It was odd looking... and very still. I sort of thought it was something that had blown into the field. But then I remembered that Jeanette had asked me if I had seen the black coyote the other day. I wasn't sure if she was being silly and calling her horse "the black coyote" or if she really meant a black coyote.... So I wondered. Dan and I made our way around back to the backside of the hay field so I snuck him over to it to see what it was. And yep.. it was the black coyote. We scared him off before I could get a good look. So... either a black coyote, or a wolf, or a big dog. :) But it definitely wasn't one of the farm dogs. It was pretty cool. I hope that he doesn't get chased off or caught and killed. 

You gotta look quick! 

Then Dan was a little bit on edge, which made me a little leery that it was following us. :) But I never saw it again. 

But yep... despite the cold, the lamenss and the coyote... a good ride. :) Hopefully his heel bulb will feel better by Thursday. I want that trotting now that i can. :) We even get to bump up to 10 minutes in 2 days. Heal Heel!!! HEALLLLL!!!! ;) 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Drunk monkey??? Bloodhound???

What on earth was I riding today?!? :) 

I may have given Dan a bit too much ace this morning. ;) I really wanted to turn them out in the front right field... because the round pen is just too muddy. And Danny is still very grumpy despite being on 30 days of ulcergard. He's air biting, biting when I groom him, and he was SUPER grumpy yesterday when I groomed his girth area. Sigh.. I feel so bad for him. So, while he's really not supposed to be cantering, and while he can pick up a canter in that field, he could also pick up a canter in the round pen, and now it's a slick soupy shoe sucking muscle tearing mess. So... I decided it was worth the risk. But I did ace him more this morning and made him wait 45 minutes instead of 30. And it worked! Him and Fleck were happily grazing. :) All day. :) I didn't see any shenanigans. And I was working on paperwork ALL day and watching them from my desk. So yay!

But then.. I finally got to ride! It was probably 4 pm when I got on. And I aced him at 9 am. But he was sooooo chill today. Maybe it's cause we were by ourselves... who knows?! But he was so chill!

He spent the whole ride practically with his head on the ground, snuffling the leaves like a bloodhound. He's so weird!! Then when we finally got to trot he was a lazy slug! He wanted to peanut roll a bit. 

But it was a nice day. Just chilly!
 The geese did make him pick his head up briefly.... 
Geese Danny... Geese!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snow Day

SNOW!!! Although it wasn't much. Apparently Alpharetta got almost 10 inches!! But here in Loganville, this was the extent of it. We got rain all day yesterday... and it was COLD. So the horses were in Thursday night, Friday day, and Friday night. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning it began snowing. When I woke up it was snowing outside. It was pretty!! I slept a smidge longer and then headed out to the barn to feed. 

Danny's face was pretty funny when I opened up his window. Hee hee.. What's that?!?! It wasn't here last night. :)

Because it was sooooo soggy, I decided to try putting them in the front right pasture instead of the round pen. So Dan got Ace and I fed. Then I put the gate back on the front right pasture so they couldn't escape. I fed the cats and played with them. Then I walked the horses out and let them graze for a few. Then I walked them down to the front right pasture.

Apparently I did not give Dan enough Ace.. or enough time... Or maybe it's because it was snowy and different.. Or maybe because they had been in for 36 hours... Regardless... once we got into the front right pasture, Dan reared straight up and pawed the lead rope out of my hands. I swear he does it on purpose! Sigh... He took off at a canter and slid around a bit. Daniel!!! NOT conducive to making sure your butt stays healed! Luckily he let me catch him pretty quickly and didn't do too much running and sliding. So I marched them both back to the round pen and.... just tried to not look at how muddy and gross it was. At this point it had stopped snowing, starting drizzling very lightly, and then stopped raining. About the time I headed back into the house the sun came out.

So... after lunch we headed out for a ride!! Dan loaded fairly easily and Fleck ignored us and went to go graze in the front field. I guess they've remembered how to be separated again. It was crazy how quickly the snow melted and how bright the sun was. If you look at the photos, it almost looks like Summer. But nope!! It was COLD!!!  40, but the wind was whipping and made it feel like 30 degrees. I had on fleece breeches, my carhart socks, a long john shirt, polar fleecy top, and my jacket, and winter gloves and was still a smidge chilly.

We had a lovely ride! Dan was fresh but settled quickly and we had a nice solid 5 minutes of trotting. We did it on the school house path this time. We also couldn't help ourselves so we walked over the ditch and up and down the small bank and then over two logs. We are sad we're missing out on the Gibbes XC clinci this weekend, so this was our consolation.

Oh Dan... Seriously?! He has a full water trough, heated water buckets in his stall, and yet, he stopped to drink from a puddle on the way home to the trailer. Goober!! There better not be opossum pee in that puddle!!

When we got home I turned him back out in the round pen but I think tomorrow we'll try the front right again. He's still SOOO girthy and grumpy tacking up and I'm afraid that he still has ulcers despite 30 days on ulcergard. :( 

Crazy busy day off

Today was a super crazy day! Despite being my day off it was another all out non-stop kind of day. It started with a 9 am acupuncture session for me. And man!!! What a difference it made. I can actually move my arm and back. I feel SOOOO Much better. I was laughing that I felt like I was going to run around all day flailing around like the wind sock things at car dealers. Hee hee... I really need to do my horses more frequently!! Acupuncture rocks!!!

Then I went and lasered 3 horses at UGA, then went and acupunctured a dog, then ran to Teresa's to get her signature on the title (which was already on there... argh!!) and while I was there I took a little spin on the scooter (which is for sale but I can't afford that too!). Then I rushed home, unhooked the truck from the horse trailer, hitched it to the hay trailer and flew over to Jennifers to get hay. I got 40 bales and then went and got gas as I was getting low. I did it right!! Diesel! 

Then I went home and unloaded 40 bales of hay, parked the hay trailer, unhitched, and rehitched to the trailer. Then I grabbed Dan and raced to Ashland to get in a ride with her and Canna.

Danny was a bit sassy and unfortunately so was Callie. We got about 2 minutes into the cross country field trail in the woods when we decided to go back to the arena's so that Callie could settle down. And probably Dan too. :) But then Dan starting getting really spooky acting near the radio shack and his tongue was flinging out. So I told them I was going to hit the trails and get his trot in and perhaps that would let Callie settle down. So we parted ways. And sure enough, once I got Dan marching on, he settled. (And apparently Callie settled once we left... oops!). So we headed off and then Kelli texted and said they wanted to try again. We decided that I would head out to the hay field and do my trot and then meet them in the field behind the lake. So Dan and I hit the hay field and started our trot by the hay barn. As we hit the second open field we saw a herd of 4 deer standing in the middle. We stopped, the deer startled and scampered a few steps and then stopped. We stared at each other for a few seconds and.... then the deer went back to grazing. So..... ????  Now what?! Well, my precious minutes were ticking off, so I decided to pick the trot back up and Dan and I kept an eye on them. They never moved and just watched us as we trotted in a circle around then. Crazy tame deer!
So.. we got to finish our trot and then it was perfect timing because Canna and Kelli showed up. We got to finish our ride with minimal shenanigans. :)

Tuesday Trots!!! Ahhhhhhh

Nothing too terribly exciting today... other than we trotted!! Again! Ahhhh.... I so miss this.

Well, wait.. I take that back. Today was a bit more exciting. :) We went out by ourselves, which was fine. But Dan was a bit animated. We started out okay... but he was ready to go. At one point he bounced straight up and managed to whack me in the face with his mane! Luckily it was only his mane. But we managed to keep it together. And there was a lot of commotion in his defense. The city was trimming trees and running the shredder.... (although they had the decency to wait to start it up AFTER Dan and I had left the parking area!), there was a tractor going in the gray barn area, and then there was other horses running XC!

We did our trot in the field by halfshire and the hay fields. And... while we were trotting along up the small hill, Dan slipped into a happy canter! Not a bucking bronco or bolting canter, but his lovely, floaty, awesome canter. Ahhhh... It was amazing!! I've so missed that canter! I pulled him up after 5 strides..... and talked us into just reveling in the amazing 5 minutes of trotting we were allowed, but... that canter!!!!