Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tuesday Trots!!! Ahhhhhhh

Nothing too terribly exciting today... other than we trotted!! Again! Ahhhh.... I so miss this.

Well, wait.. I take that back. Today was a bit more exciting. :) We went out by ourselves, which was fine. But Dan was a bit animated. We started out okay... but he was ready to go. At one point he bounced straight up and managed to whack me in the face with his mane! Luckily it was only his mane. But we managed to keep it together. And there was a lot of commotion in his defense. The city was trimming trees and running the shredder.... (although they had the decency to wait to start it up AFTER Dan and I had left the parking area!), there was a tractor going in the gray barn area, and then there was other horses running XC!

We did our trot in the field by halfshire and the hay fields. And... while we were trotting along up the small hill, Dan slipped into a happy canter! Not a bucking bronco or bolting canter, but his lovely, floaty, awesome canter. Ahhhh... It was amazing!! I've so missed that canter! I pulled him up after 5 strides..... and talked us into just reveling in the amazing 5 minutes of trotting we were allowed, but... that canter!!!!

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