Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Today I met Kelli at Harbins for a ride. It was interesting. ;) Danny has been off reserpine since Dec 15th because he's been turned out in a slightly bigger area and seems to be behaving himself. Hopefully anyways. :) At least as far as I can tell. Plus I just.... wasn't sure if it was contributing to his grumpyness, and didn't want to keep paying for it, and didn't want to have to wait any longer to compete recognized if I don't have to. :) So.. he came off it. And he's still being pretty good. :) 

But.. he's Dan.... and he's not allowed to do more than trot yet, so...  there's that...

Anyways.. .we went to Harbins and he was much better than he was the last time Kelli and I were at Harbins together! Ha! We had a decent ride in the beginning. He was a little bouncy but not bad because he was happy being in the lead. We tried to do a little trotting but it wasn't going well. Kelli had been having a rough couple of weeks with her horse and she was being naughty when they were in the back so after her having some issues, I offered to let her lead. Her mare was much happier in the lead and she was able to have a decent trot so I let her stay in the lead. Unfortunately Danny was NOT happy in the back and we had some issues. I think that Dan trots faster than Arwyn, so she he ends up almost on top of her. So I have to hold him back. Which pisses him off and he starts cantering in place. Then he gets left behind so he gets mad and wants to go after her. But I won't let him canter, yet he won't just trot, so... we bounce in place for a bit. It's highly aggravating. And I couldn't let him canter to make him happy because... we're not supposed to be cantering. So... we argued for a bit. And by that point Kelli had gotten far ahead and almost out of view. Which was kind of a good thing. She called back a few times but I told her to carry on. Partly because it wasn't going to work anyways and at least this way, maybe I could get my trots in. If I could convince Dan anyways. ;) So... eventually we got in a super power trot.. that occasionally leaked into a canter. We managed to catch up to them fairly quickly but by then he had at least gotten some of his energy out so he was a little more ameniable to trotting. He was pulling my arms out though, but at least he was trotting. But once we caught up to Arwyn it got harder. She could trot super fast... and Danny couldn't quite keep up when he was running... I think if I could have gotten him suppled, he could have, but because he was adamant about being in front, he couldn't. So then he'd canter. But when she slowed down just a hair, he was on top of her. But... we managed a little ways and then we ran out of trail. So... I have no idea how long we trotted but I'm guessing maybe 5 minutes. Maybe a hair longer. Not 10 minutes, but... we ended up walking for more than an hour, so... close enough.

It was a fun ride regardless. :) And nice for the change of scenery again. Poor Dan was all sweaty though because he was all worked up. And because it was almost 60 degrees and he's not clipped!! I may have to clip him soon if we this warm weather keeps up. :)

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