Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcoming in 2018!

You know.... 2017 wasn't a bad year. There were so many good things.... and a few frustrating set backs, and the loss of Gramma, and..... but lots of good things!

Danny and I got through our schooling show woes and he turned it on to shine at recognized shows. We went from a 40 something, having to have a lead into the water, and a lead out of the water, and being almost unridable at times (Elisa Wallace even rode over and said "Here... LET me help you!"), to.... despite the chaos and spooking, softening and putting in a 23 and change at our first recognized show, charging through the water, and winning! And we finished our season (thanks to the torn butt muscle two weeks prior to the AEC's, where we likely would have placed in the top 5) tied for 2nd in the nation for BN horses!!!!! (granted, we didn't stay there.... but we would have stayed somewhere along there had we finished the season properly). We did end up winning 4 out of the 5 recognized shows we did. And the one we didn't win, we placed 3rd in a huge division and were behind two pros. We received the "Best Conditioned" score at the 3 day and won a fair share of Low Scores. All in all.... Rugrat did good. :) And then he was a super duper boy for most of his rehab. And hopefully we'll be back on track. 

Our goals for 2018 may be lofty. Maybe not. :) The AEC's are in Denver, so we're not aiming for that this year. And sadly, I'm almost positive we won't be ready for the 3 day at Novice with the extended rehab we're doing. So... those two goals are out. BUT... we do plan to dominate the schooling shows and qualify for the Southeast Schooling Show championships. Ideally we'll get back into the swing of things and move up to novice pretty quick. I'd also like to show some first level at schooling shows and see how we fare there. There is also the GDCTA year end awards to try to qualify for. (We're winners for something for this year... I'm assuming we'll be high up in the ribbons for BN recognized, if not the winners). So that's exciting. :) 

So... we'll see where the year takes us. 

Today... it was cold. And it was windy. And Mike and I ran out of propane YET again, so we turned the heat off and just used the space heaters so we could save the hot water.  So... I woke up cold and cranky. I almost didn't ride... Especially since I was a little worried about Danny from the day before. BUT... I did want to ride on the first day of the year. And I did want to feel him out before my lesson with Cindy.... So Kelli and I mustered up and went for a ride. And I'm glad we did. It was cold, but... bearable. :) 
We just walked on the trails. Partly because it was so cold and we didn't want to stress the ponies and partly because I think that Dan had been getting ridden more than I realized and he was supposed to get a walk day in his 6 days a week ride. But since we haven't been riding for 6 of the 7 days in ...ever... it didn't dawn on me. But I think I might have this week with the holidays, so.. he got the day to walk only. Especially since he was a little fussy/lame/NQR yesterday. But it was a good ride. :) We had fun. I did trot him a tiny bit to see how he was faring but it was really hard to tell in the grassy hilly field. He certainly felt better at the walk.. forward and striding out again. 

It wasn't terrible....but it was cold. And I was super sad that I didn't have time to ride Fleck too, because once we were finishing up the sun came out and warmed it up a hair more. But I had to get to Best Buy to get my new radio installed, so... no Flecky time. :(

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