Sunday, December 17, 2017

Chilly Weekend

This weekend was a little bit of a rough weekend. It wasn't a good weekend for me because of.... family matters. So... I wasn't able to ride Saturday until later in the day and only at home. And Dan was still pretty lame. And it was cold. So... we only did about 45 minutes and then I gave up and headed in. 

And then today... while I was still sad, I was able to go ride. It was a cold, icky, dreary day... and while it was only a 30% chance of rain, it looked like it was going to rain. And it did. I did give Dan some bute to help his foot feel better. So we at least had a decent ride. :) 

We started off in the arena and had about 20 minutes of dressage and Dan was great! We did our lateral work at the walk and I worked on me. Then we did one trot circle and he was pretty sound, so I decided to hit the trails. Plus it was starting to rain and I thought it would be better in the woods. So we headed out and did our 5 minute trot set. And then we walked a bit more.. and then.. we did a SECOND 5 MIN TROT SET!!! Yahooo!!! I was so waiting for this. And Dan felt good! We had a good ride, despite the drizzle. 


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