Friday, June 14, 2019

Rainbow Dino's paving the way

Jump lesson with Kelly. Started off fine... but as we built it got a little bit sketchy. Then added a bigger jup mand I choked. I held and we were fine.. we did it, but it wasn't pretty. Kelly created impulsion and reminded me how important it was to get him in front of my leg and keep him in front of my leg! Think... Settle/cruise... balance... then one mile per hour faster each stride.

Then to prevent me from overthinking and paralyzing myself... think of the rainbows... count a color each stride but envision the word blue.. in blue....  Then I took it a step farther and decided to think of rainbow dinosaurs.. paving the way for us. Rawr!!!!! And... when I push for that forward step... not lengthening... forward step... but balance with my shoulders... we get the big step and the correct strides and he carries me to the fences!!!

Cindy Lesson

It was a good ride!!

Worked on the counter canter again... some shoulder in and haunches in (renver, travers.. I don't know...).

Stupid Rain

Supposed to show at Chatt... hauled in the terrible weather.. then turned around.... Sunday.. hauled to Ashland in the am... started raining.... sunny the whole time once I got home. Sigh...

Friday, June 7, 2019

Oh Dan.....

Scoped... bar fight in his stall that night... bloody ankle, welts, dirty..

scoped clean!!!

Dressage ride at ashland.... good boy. almost got one change

hacked to lake and back.. heron....

rested up

chiro and acupuncture: Plan is to do "rehab" rides, like the fan cavalettis, alternate raised cavalettis', equiox, and recheck in 4-6 weeks and see if it's better... may be a muscle side effect from the injury...

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Today ... was a bust. :(

Had to ride at home... missed my lesson with Cindy because my truck is still in the shop. Tried to ride at home.... after a second night of not sleeping.... was already irritated. I tried very hard to not get mad at Dan, and I didn't! But I got very mad at myself. Sigh... I either don't know how to measure lines... or I don't know how to ride my horse.. or both. We kept getting 4.5 strides in the 4 stride... then when I decided to go for 4 strides... we got 4.5 .... so then I tried for 5 strides... we got 5.5. Sigh.. WTH?!? Ugh... we got a few good single jumps, but.. I just can't get the right canter in the field.. full of hills and bumps and angled...  and I'm rushed... sigh.. so I rewarded Dan for trying... and he was. He kept trying and he was going, but.. it was just awful.

I just wanted to cry...and my day didn't get much better after that...

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Trading a ride for babysitting

So.. Danimal IS growing up!!! He was such a good pony today. Well.... after he wasn't. He actually got in BIG trouble initially...

I didn't get to talk to the truck shop before they closed Friday, so... I know that they found the problem, but I don't know what the problem is... how much it's going to cost, and how long it's going to take. Sigh... And I don't have a truck now for the weekend. Which, is okay. It was Mike's Saturday and we went to the lake. And then Kelli had offered to come get me for a hack Sunday, so yay! Well, turns out Kelli couldn't make it, but Liz had joined in and was fine with coming to get me, so.. I had her stop at the top of the driveway and we loaded Dan and my stuff up and off we went. He was good getting in her slant load and getting out of her slant load. Liz had a new horse on trial. A 9 year old thoroughbred. We tied them up next to each other and they were good buddies. And then I leaned down to undo Dan's hind fly boot... like I have literally at least once a day for the entire fly season so far (which has been at least a month).... and I don't know if he was on edge from the new horse or thought I was a fly or I just surprised him, but he kicked out. He nailed me right at the edge of my arm, right at the point of my elbow. Holy Moly it hurt! I'm super lucky that he just got a glancing blow, but it still hurt bad!! And it still hurts... When I make a fist or try to lift something with my right hind, my elbow hurts. And it's achy. Ugh...  I thanked God profusely that it wasn't my face... and that he didn't break it, but... seriously horse?!?

So... we tacked up and headed out. And... Liz's horse was a good boy but didn't quite understand the creeks, so we had to hang out and wait and be a lead sometimes. And Danny was sooooo good and patient. He just hung out and didn't get upset. However, after the creek, we let Liz's horse lead and Dan jumped straight up in the air a few times. But even still, it didn't escalate and he just... bounced. :) So we let him back in the front again some.

 (So... this horse is supposedly 16.2. Dan is HUGE!!!!)

Then we did another creek and had to sit and wait again. And then we went to the XC field and let her horse play in the water there and then we left him and then we hung out while she left us. And Dan was super!! He was just a good influence. :)

So then we headed home. It was a nice long walk.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Riding at Home

Well, it's a bit more exciting in my mind, but.. it works. I had wanted to put up some grids and jumps at home so that on occasion I could toss in a few rides at home and practice with grids. It's hard to do them at Ashland and I can easily set stuff up at home and do them. So.. I pulled out my standards and a lot of them were broken. So I mentioned it to Peri (not even thinking about all the jumps she had!) and she offered me as many of hers as I wanted!!! Yahoo!!! So I took 5 sets from her, 8 poles, and.. forgot jump cups. But I've got 3 pairs, so... I at least had something to start with. Oh, and I got a barrel from her. So...yay! I was really super excited about doing grids. :) 

So this morning, my truck was in the shop and I had a cancellation for my morning, so.. I had time. I fed ponies and then went and set jumps up. And... I'm trying to do my homework and be good, but... what I walk does not seem to correlate with what the measurements are supposed to be. So... I need to clarify that because... I swear I know how to walk strides. I think I don't understand the actual distances in feet for the striding. But I'll figure it out. I need to pull out my grid book and just use their grids. But since I didn't plan ahead and only had 3 jumps worth of cups, I just winged it this morning. I put in a three stride with poles on the ground, so I could practice getting the right canter. Yet... I think I did it wrong. I think I measured for a 3 stride off jumps.. not a 3 stride of canter poles?? So I don't know, we ended up making it a 4 stride to get what felt like a collected proper canter. Then I also set up a 2 stride to a one stride and then added the barrel on a bend before or after. 

So... when the boys were done eating, I took them both down to the front field because I didn't want to deal with them screaming at each other. Poor Fleck had to stand tied to the fence. But after we rode, he got to come on a short little walk about with us. :) Which made him happy I think. 

Dan and I warmed up a bit, but... that footing is tough. It's got so many little tufts here and there and ant hills. And it's good for Dan to learn how to balance and watch his feet, but it's a little nerve wracking. So we managed to get our warm up in and then I did some cantering and tried to get THE canter. I didn't quite get it, but my poles line was also riding funny. So I ended up making it a 4 stride, and that felt better. So then we carried that canter into the grid. And it was great! It felt a bit tight, but he was able to rock back and bounce on through. So then we tried again and we definitely did NOT have the right canter. He pooped over the first one, totally landed far right outside of the grid. Sigh... So we did it again and we got it pretty much right every time after. Although it was definitely tight. So I definitely need to find out the right measurements. 

So then we did the barrel. Ha! Dan did NOT get the concept of jumping it at first. I tried trotting it two or three times and finally cantered to it. Then he understood better. And once he realized it, he was looking for it and jumping. So then we incorporated it into the grid line. It rode well and was fun. 

So then... we decided to quit with that but I wanted to do some simple changes. We did walk to R lead canter to walk to L lead canter to walk to R lead canter. Yay!!!! Then we did it walk to L lead canter to walk to R lead canter to walk to R lead again. Ooops. We did that sequence again and go the L, R, L correctly. Then we did one fancy trot and quit. Well, we did pony Fleck around the farm for a few minutes to cool down. I wanted to see how the back looked now that Mike mowed it. It looks great! But the bugs thought so too! It was awful. There was like... 9 deer flies on their faces in seconds. Ugh.

So yep. It was a nice quick ride. Probably an hour total to tack up, ride, untack and hose off. :) So I'll definitely be doing more of that. Now hopefully we can get some rain so the ground isn't rock hard!