Thursday, December 12, 2019

Drizzly Dressage

Well.... I had a cancellation today and finished early, DESPITE the poopyness of the day. Literally. ;) The dogs dog out of the fence two days ago and I didn't have time to fix it so we've just been leaving the dogs in and just letting them out. Well.. apparently I didn't let Cody out enough last night and when I woke up this morning, there was what I thought was cat puke on the floor.... in two spots. Then I found a big pile of poop. After feeding horses it still smelled like poop. So I looked upstairs. MORE POOP!! It was on the stairs (three steps), on the wall, on the bathroom floor and the top of the steps floor. Sigh.. Then my second patient had diarrhea and some of it splattered on my face. Ugh.. So.. I was about an hour behind in my day between cleaning up poo and then just running late. BUT.. I still got home in time to ride. The weather was a little sketchy looking, but it definitely looks worse tomorrow so I manned up, hitched up, and went! I'm glad I did. We had fun. We didn't get to ride long because it was getting dark and the rain was coming. 

We started off with a hack. Danny was "whoofly". He was snorty and all animated. Which meant it was hard to trot with my dressage stirrups. I was going to let him canter up the big hill but he decided that there might be deer and we should be cautious and trot. Then we went to the dressage arena and did a little dressage. He was SUPER! We did our shoulder in and haunches in and I do believe I'm getting the hang of it. THen we did some canter work. I got a three loop both directions the first time. :) Then we did the three loop with simple changes and he gave me pretty darn good ones. Yay! So then I let him finish our ride with a medium down centerline and he did the turn onto centerline quite nicely. :) Then we went for another hack up by the jump arena and ran into some deer. 

We made it home before the rain! We'll see about tomorrow

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We can always just be DQ's......

So.. today was a weird day. It was threatening to rain most of the morning but I got lucky and got to ride. It was almost hot. It felt like the impending storm in Florida. I was comfy in a long sleeved shirt. But at the end of our ride, we started to get sprinkled on and then it got a bit chilly. I was still feeling a little bummed, but I knew better than to put on the jump saddle. Although I was tempted since the weather sort of indicated a good gallop day. 

We started off with a hack because... I was cranky. I tried a friends trick of telling Dan what was going on in my life and warning him I was cranky but that it wasn't his fault and telling him I was proud of him and that we would figure out the jumping thing. So we had fun. He wanted to explore so we power walked and did some trotting and cantering. Cindy had reflocked my dressage saddle and it felt good so yay. I also put my new lemeiux half pad on, which was pretty! After we hacked a good bit I was itching to do some dressage and we debating doing it in the XC field but Sandy was there and I felt like I get better work, especially when I'm working on lateral work and counter canters, in the arena so we headed to the arena. And Dan was super! We got our counter canter back except for one time in the very beginning and then we even did some nice walk to canter to 10 meter canter circle to walk to other lead canter to 10 meter circle to walk to other canter... on centerline. We practiced keeping our shoulder ins and haunches ins more correct and less "dramatic" on my part and got some decent work. I got some lovely trot mediums and decent leg yields. So then we went for another hack and did some hills. At the end the storm was blowing in... and it... was just peaceful! I don't know why, but brewing storms seem to soothe my soul sometimes. Kind of like gallops. ;) Ha ha! Seems contrary but... it does. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

I am so blessed

Which is what I keep reminding myself of. And I am. And I'm not ungrateful. I just... have such a hard time not being a perfectionist and getting frustrated with myself. 

I took Dan for a hack today at Ashland. Brrrrr... it was cold! But we went for a long walk.. and some trotting and cantering. And then we cantered the log on the ground.. and he jumped it great. Like normal. Moved forward to it and happily over. So then we found another one and it went well too. So... I got greedy and went to the XC field and tried to do some fences. Sigh... It didn't go great. It was kind of the same thing at Pine Top yesterday. We did a few fine and then we sucked back at others... and we even had some stops. :( At novice. And... the novice looked big and scary to me again. Sigh.... I'm soooooo frustrated. I thought we were over this. I don't understand what I did... or didn't do... or need to do to fix this. We were going so well. I was making plans. Sigh...  We managed to finish with a few good fences, but.... it is just such a big disappointment. 

So we went for a hill walk. I told Dan that I was sorry that his mother is a hyper critical, super competitive, over analyzing, perfectionist and that I was putting it onto him. I told him that it wasn't him I was frustrated with.. it was me. And that he was pretty amazing and how impressed I was with him. And that I was sorry... so sorry.  Whether he understood... it made me feel a smidge better. But not really. I do enjoy him and I do have a blast. And I am super proud of him and proud of us, but.. it's so hard to not get frustrated with things. I feel like we are stuck and can't get past this level. I can't decide what I need to do to fix it... and that bothers me too because... dangit I want to fix it. Sigh...

Oh well. I let him graze a bunch and then we headed home so I could work on the fence with Mike. Which, we got a lot done, but... not finished yet. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

well.. that did NOT go as planned...

Sigh.. horses..

Xc schooling at pine top... not what I wanted.... not at all.

Beanie Lesson and a hack

Lesson with Beanie... hacked with Lexi... saddle flocked

Then bath and hair cut

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Dressage Day

We got our new bridle :)

Did dressage.... got our counter canter back :) In fact, now the right lead is better. Sigh... practiced right lead for 5 strides, then walk, then left lead for 5 strides, then walk. Tough, but getting there.

hacked a little

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving and Jump Day

Thanksgiving: Went for a hack

Friday: Rode with Kelli. I jumped while she dressaged, then we went for a hack. She did give me a little helpful hint for jumping since I was "perching". But we jumped a big oxer!

Nugget: As I get closer to the fence, squeeze my shoulder blades closer together/open my chest more.

Thats' the magic words to get me to sit tall without perching or roaching my back