Tuesday, September 22, 2020

All the Feelings....

 But mostly good ones!!!! Oh, so many good ones :) :) :)

I met Jean this morning and she took me on a tour. And Cindy had brought me an innovation to try to see if the different head plate helped Dan's hitchyness. (That hideous orange one, but I'm grateful for the option to try it!). Anyways... it's comfy! We rode down the road, past the lake and then to her A frame house. She showed me the path around it. It's a nice little stretch around the 16 acres and it goes along the lake some too. It's soooo pretty! She told me I could ride it anytime. :) It'll be a great little conditioning track. Dan was fired up and bouncy because she was in the lead but he mostly held it together. Towards the end she wanted to trot and that meant that Dan bucked/bounced/cantered/leapt... but... oh well. We also trotted over a small log that he jumped! YAY!!!! Man it felt good. Technically we're still at 9 minutes, but quite frankly... the last 3 rides have been 11 minutes, so.. oh well. So then we got back to the farm and she went to go work so I took Dan up to the arena to play a little. Clearly he had some steam he had to let off!

We got up to the arena and of course he wasn't nearly as bouncy but that's ok. We walked around a bit. The footing is a bit deep, but not too bad. So we walked a bit and then trotted and... he felt great. Like... really great! Like.. no lame steps.. no hitchyness. We even did some serpentines and smaller circles to test it out!! I even cheated and cantered a circle or two each way. It was amazing! Ahhhh.... I'm so excited about his comeback. He felt soooo good!! Yay!

So then I get back to the house and Mike is cranky because the internet sucks and Fleck was screaming the whole time we were gone and he was trying to work and his employees suck. Sigh... And the appraisal came back on the farm.... under asking price. Why does this keep happening to us??? Luckily not by a ton, so maybe they'll come down or we can figure something out. Because I really do love it here. So I unpacked the barn storage room a bit and got it a little bit more organized and then Mike was in a better mood and then we went to the tennis courts and played tennis. It was really fun. I really enjoyed it. So hopefully that will help him like this place more. And.. did I mention the weather was PERFECT!!! Chilly and cool but with warm sun and beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds. We were warm playing tennis but didn't sweat and just a teeny bit chilly on the walk back. So overall, an amazing day!! Which finished with a lovely view before sunset. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday morning worship

 God is so good!

What a beautiful day to worship God and marvel in his glorious creations!! The weather was AMAZING! It's nice and cool with a crisp feel to the air, but the sun was shining and warmed your soul. 

I woke up to a lovely sunrise, which I enjoyed from my bed. I stayed a little too long in bed and missed the great photos, but I did still get some beautiful shots this morning. Then Dan and I went to Ashland and met up with Josh and Lexi for a ride. It was lovely!! We just enjoyed the fields and the woods and the company. Dan was super excited to have friends! He behaved himself but felt good and was a little frisky. We did over an hours worth of hacking and then joined Lexi and Oliver in trot sets. We did 5 minutes each way. (close enough to 9 minutes!). It ended up being 11 minutes of trotting, but... oh well. Close enough. He's feeling super good, although I still feel the front end. Hopefully Logan can come shockwave him soon and hopefully I'll remember to do his Map-5 injections soon too. Doh! And I've still got the osphos to try.


Then Mike and I moved the dogs over to the far pasture so that Dan can't terrorize them (which makes me a little sad for him) and more importantly, so that when Funny gets here... I've got the two pastures side by side. Then we organized the storage shed and got that all squared away. 

So yep.. just a great day. I'm so grateful for all the God has blessed me with. And... His plan was just so perfect. I love our tiny home... I love our farm. Dan is feeling good. Mike and I are doing great. Life is good... 

Saturday, September 19, 2020



Today was interesting. The boys seemed to have settled down at the new farm and are out grazing and not wreaking havoc... so much. ;) So I took the earlier part of the day to do some errands. We went and got hay. Turns out I can probably fit at least 36 bales of hay in my hay closet! Then we took the boat trailer up to the storage place so they can go get the boat and winterize it for us. Then we had lunch. So when we finally got home it was about 4 pm. I hooked back up and grabbed Dan and we headed over to Charlie Elliot to go ride. Ashland was having their show and quite frankly, I just didn't want to have to chit chat with everyone. So as we were pulling out of the road onto the main road.... a huge semi-truck/moving truck was turning in. They had pulled up too far for me to turn right because I had to swing wide and hew as in my way. But I was in his way. So I started to back up and got a little bit backed up and he started turning. Wait dude! I'm not backed up enough... and then I had turned a little and was going off the road. But he didn't stop... until he almost hit me. Then we were both stuck. Sigh.. I tried going forward to be able to back straighter, but I couldn't get anywhere. So then he had to try to back up.... It was ridiculous. We both went forward and back about 7 times and I finally got straight enough that I could get back far  enough for him to pass. Good grief!!!  So then when we got to Charlie Elliot... I wondered if it was open. So I called and nope... bow season. Closed til Sept 30th. So....back we went to the horse park. I probably should have just gone home and ridden at home, but he was already in the trailer. So we headed to the horse park. I decided to go to the steeple chase field and Dan was on edge! I got him tacked up and we headed out but... I feel like the steeple chase field is no longer open to horses??? So we carefully went around it and then headed to the woods. Dan was on edge and on the muscle! There was too much terrain to time our trots so we just trotted when we could. We ended up doing 11 minutes of trot instead of 9. Oops. Dan was power trotting too! And we accidentally cantered for 23 seconds. Whoops. He also jumped the 2 creeks 4 times. And then we walked over a big log going out, but when we came back... he had a fit and spooked at it from like 20 strides back. It took us 10 minutes to get to it and then I thought he was going to leap over it like a frog. Nope, he calmly walked over it. Goober. We finally got back and he was on his tippy toes because of the bikers and people playing in the field. I almost couldn't get him untacked he was so agitated. I finally just put him on the trailer, figuring I'd hose him off when we got home. Turns out they were running remote controlled cars. OH! That's way. So yep... fun ride.... he felt great! And now I wonder if he feels so good that I won't be able to manage him again. :) Doh!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Taming/Entertaining the Beast

Sometimes I feel like a babysitter! Poor Dan. He NEEDS his little baby sister to show up so he can have SOMEONE to play with. Even with being ridden Tuesday...he was so bored today! Hurricane Sally was here and it poured all night long. POURED! Like it filled up 3/4 of my water troughs poured. And the weather channel said rain 100% all day long. So, I slept in a little... fed ponies... cleaned stalls and dumped poo in the rain... got new shavings in the rain... filled water buckets and hay bags. (The new barn has those cool basket hanging ones that are easy to fill and hung high enough that I thought we were safe... plus I can't dissasemble anything until we buy the farm officially). Then I went and got my tires inflated and attempted to get my brakes done. Turns out I don't need brakes. I went to the grocery store. And then when I got home, I noticed that Dan was bored. He apparently was running the fence line with the dogs.... biting at them and teasing them. Except... with all the rain, it was a bit of slip and slide! Eeeks. No Dan...  So I brought the dogs in. Plus it was starting to drizzle again. It's basically been raining or misting all morning. Well, then Dan went into his stall and was making faces at me and rubbing on the bars in the stall. So... fine, let me entertain you beast! Will that make you happy? 

So... I decided we would hack in the rain... we could tour the farm and maybe the neighborhood. But first.. he desperately needed to be hosed off. He was NASTY! Caked on clumps of dirt and mud.. sweaty and muddy... So I put him in the wash rack and hosed him off. Then we put the bareback pad on and his wonder bit bridle and we headed into the pasture to see what the rain did and explore the pasture. Fleck came along and we just meandered around. We saw the XC jumps... some really nice ones! We saw the trees and realized we need to do some chain sawing...  We even trotted a little and did the trot poles/amoeba jumps in a line. Then we were still bored and the rain/drizzle had stopped entirely, so... we headed down the road to see the neighborhood. Fleck was very unhappy and screaming, but Dan was pretty brave. We managed to walk to the lake and back.

So yep... I had to entertain the beast! Which is not as easy as it sounds! Unfortunately, in ways, it had stopped raining and the rest of the afternoon was lovely... which means I could have ridden ridden instead of just farting around, but oh well. It was still helpful to get on the pony. :) Hopefully Saturday i can go to Caharlie Elliot, since they are having the show at Ashland.