Friday, April 20, 2018

Gibbs Day 1

Training the baby horse

Encourage, if they are confused, back up the question and difficulty and encourage. Money in the bank!

Soooo glad to be here... Missing shoe....

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tantrum Tuesday

Epic meltdown.... tongue flailing, head straight up, bouncing and cantering in place tantrum..... When we worked on the trot lengthens.

Don't just wiggle his head down when he braces... don't touch his face.. Fix it with my body... lifting his withers...

Took 12 attempts, but we finally got shoulder lift and thrust at the lengthen. It was still out of control, but progress!

Monday sneaky ride

Holy cow I finished early enough to ride. :) Thanks to Daylight Savings and Spring. We did a little hack and did some dressage. :) We ended up doing 65 minutes, 4.2 miles, and only 5 minutes of canter, 18 minutes of trot, and 31 minutes of walk. But... 56% left and 43% right, so not terribly off. We ran through both dressage tests though and they weren't terrible. Our lengthens need help. And we're both not very fit.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Turning the Day Around

Today started out rough. Mike and I had a not so great morning and were fighting. But we managed to turn it around and headed to the Lake. It was great weather for sailing so we took Miss Mac out for about 2 hours and had fun. It was nice and windy and pretty warm. Then we had lunch on the way home and stopped for snowballs. Then he helped me do a "dry run" with the horse trailer. I hooked up the generators, plugged in the fridge and made sure the A/C worked. Everything worked great. And the generators are pretty quiet, although to be honest, the A/C is so loud, it doesn't matter. ;) Then we even filled up the water tank and turned on the water heater and tested the shower. I'm so excited!! It has enough pressure and got plenty warm enough. :) YAY!!! We didn't see how the spray projected with it on the wall, but worst case scenario I just do the hand held thing. It has a switch to turn it on and off at the handle so that should be just fine. Yay! Then I had enough daylight to go ride, so off we went!

I just ended up hacking Dan around since we had done dressage twice already this week and I was REALLY hoping that our jump lesson in the morning wouldn't get rained out. So we did some hills and just played. We did a little bit of trotting, a little bit of cantering, and then a little bit of standing around staring at the geese. ;) We ended up in the XC field and I just couldn't help myself. I really wanted to jump that "keyhole" jump that they put out back in the end near the ditch and wall. I wanted to jump the ditch and wall too again but decided to be smart and wait on that. So I hopped him over a few fences to warm him up and then took him to the roundtop in the alley with the trees coming over it. He came up to it, kind of backed off a stride, then surged forward like "Oh, got it now!". Yay! Good boy. We did it twice more, once each direction and then called it a day. :) 

Good ride! Oh, and we apparently scared up a turkey that flew off too. That's the first time I've seen one while riding there, but... it was neat.