Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Changing plans

 Today was supposed to be a jump lesson day at 3:30. So I did some errands this morning, cleaned the house, caught up laundry and dishes, and went to the chiropractor. And then Jacel said that she had to cancel. Poo. Oh well. It may work out just fine after all. I tried to see if Rana could fit me in today instead but apparently they are putting up the arena wall and so there is no riding today. She said it might not even be done by Thursday. So... if Jacel teaches Thursday, maybe I'll just end up jumping then. And.. the dressage arena's are closed for Ashland's show on Thursday so if I do ride at Ashland, it'll have to be trails, XC, or stadium. So... we shall see. Of course the weather may put a damper on everything. 


But anyways.. we ended up still going to Ashland but did some dressage instead of jumping. I figured that it would be wise to not jump in case we jumped Thursday and Sunday and there wasn't anyone around. So we did dressage. The arena was a bit smooshy in spots from the rain but not too bad. One of the Ashland guys was working at the water spigot so Dan was super distracted in the beginning, but.. he eventually got over it and focused and we had a good ride. We ran through the 3-1 test and instead of doing the 10 meter circle, crossing the diagonal and doing a flying change, we did a 10 meter circle, canter half passed and then did a simple. Except the first time we did it we did a partial change. But the second time it was a good simple change. We had some super extended trots. Like, I think, legit extensions, not just mediums. And we had some decent canter half pass. We even held the counter canter figure 8 haunches in twice. But man it needs more practice. That is super hard! We played with counter canter on the rail too. And then we finished with 10 meter canter to walks to the other canter down centerline. It was fun. I think Dan likes that game. 

We started with a lap around the small lake and finished with a lap to the big lake. It was bone chilling cold! Only like 50 degrees, but so damp. The rains coming tonight. So we didn't spend too much time farting around. Plus it was getting to be "quitting time".


Oh... and ha ha! This horse... He cracks me up daily. This was how I found him this morning..

I will admit to potentially not doing up his front straps last night. He was eating his hay... I might have forgotten. Maybe?? Oops! #batman

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Last Day of Vacation

 Can I be a kept lady? I really enjoyed just chilling and riding this week. Dan may not have been as thrilled... he got ridden a bit more than usual. ;) ha! Today was a chill day. I wanted to ride but... I ate breakfast, then went to Kroger and Tractor Supply and got more hay for the dogs. Then Mike and I fixed their stall again trying to make them warm. And then I pressure washed the trailer. It was pretty filthy and it looks so shiny and clean now! So then I rode! Because the truck wasn't hitched... and the trailer was still damp... and honestly, I just didn't quite feel like driving... I rode at home. Although in retrospect... riding at home is just not a good idea unless I'm jumping or have time to clear out the arena and drag it. It's just too hard to do movements with the jumps in the way and the deep spots. But.. he tried. We had some good moments. Some not so good moments. I still can't quite get him to truly be in the outside rein without the twist tracking left. But we did have some collection in response to my seat aids. We had some nice trot half pass and some nice medium trots. The canter half passes kind of sucked today, but we did manage a haunches in figure 8 at the canter. Both ways. And we practiced with some counter canter on the rail and picking up the counter canter. So.. not bad. Just... not spectacular. But I'm also just in a mood today. Stupid hormones. 

And then I washed the truck. And rehitched and parked the rig out from under the trees, so they don't get nasty again. Well, as quickly. 

Friday, December 3, 2021

Shenanigans, Good ride, Rescue mission

This guy... You would think he'd be resting since he was ridden Sat and Sun at Pine Top, then had Monday off, then dressaged Tuesday, dressage lesson Wednesday, and trail ridden Thursday. I was stuck on the phone on a zoom call all day (which means no video, only photos sadly). So I went out late morning to pull his blanket and ended up just pulling his neck attachment to start. Then I filled up the water trough. While I was doing that... shenanigans ensued!


So then I finished with the water trough and it was really warming up so I pulled his blanket off and was snuggling with Funny some... and then ever more shenanigans ensued...  

So then... after that, he and Funny decided to race and play. And I finally went back inside. I have no idea what else ensued after I left. ;) 

So... I ended up with a migraine after that, but took some pills and sat and listened to the zoom call. I was hoping to go ride during the lunch break, but the migraine threw my timing off. But I knew I needed to ride since Mike and I were going to be doing things all day tomorrow and I wouldn't get to ride. So I finally manned up and off we went. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to hack too, but we got in a nice ride. Mike and I were aiming to go to Stone Mountain's Christmas Light Festival tonight, so I had to get home early enough to do that. But we had a great ride. He was super. We practiced our homework and it's still hard, but we managed it some. And we had some great work. Again, just working on all the lateral things and also on getting good trots and canters. Correct trots and canters. Yay!

Then as we were getting ready to leave... and trying to wait for Kelli to come get the generator so she could borrow it for the show... she called and said she had just been in a wreck. She got in a head on collision with two people. Luckily her and Marvin were okay. She was close to Ashland so I went and picked Marvin up and took him home. That way he didn't have to wait there until she was cleared to move her vehicle. He was a good boy and only took a few attempts to load and then him and Dan were happily munching. I dropped him off and then Dan and I got gas and then we finally got home! A little later for Stone Mountain, but we still got to go. :) It was pretty cool!

Of course I found the T-rex!

Field Trip with Sissy

 Hack with sis