Friday, December 22, 2017

Wildlife Abounds

The Danimal and I had a good ride today. :) I turned him out this morning and when I looked out the window, he was doing some canter sets. Doh!!! 

    Dans' "What?!?! I'm innocent" face.... ha!

Anyways, once I got back home from work we were able to go for a ride. Danny was good. We saw a beautiful owl, a herd of deer, and the black coyote again! It's gorgeous. Danny was a good boy and we trotted our 10 minutes. (Or we're assuming.. I couldn't quite get a full 5 minutes solid because of terrain, cars and people, the coyote, etc). I didn't give him any bute today and he was pretty darn sound. By the end he was a tiny bit off but it's definitely on that front left where his heel bulb injury is, so... hopefully another day or two and it'll be completely healed. 

Then when we got home, I let them graze in the rye grass in front of the barn while I did hay and water. (I had already done stalls waiting on my morning client). He was good and didn't do anything stupid. Yay!

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