Thursday, November 29, 2012

Future Eventer for Sure!!!

So... poor Danaroo. He REALLY needs to be worked more. I MUST make it a priority!!! 

So... today I put them in the big pasture again and he was racing around and showing off. He was having a ball. I finally got the water trough in and was putting the hose on the new water spigot (yay!) and of course.. he had to come up and play. He then grabbed the electric fence with his teeth and pulled it! (It's not on... it's broken). So I yelled at him and went about my business. Then I left to put the hammer back and... Danny's chewing on the hose. So I chased him off and headed back to put the hammer away... and I look back and Dan is running laps again. Only this time he's bounding up and down the creek bed and bouncing around in and out of the trees!! Eeeks... Then.... I kid you not... He turns and jumps the electric fence .... three times!!! Just jumped right over it.. then did a little gallop circle, jumps back over it... then does a little lap, and jumps back over it again!!! Now, that fence comes up to just below my boobs!! He may have taken it over a sagging part the third time, but... jeesh!! And he cleared it.... With no effort... just hopped on over it. 

SWEET!!!!! I've got an eventer on my hands!!!!

So tomorrow we'll do some in hand work and I'll order my long lines!! Let the games begin!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1.5 years old

So... Daniel turned 1.5 and.... he is officially 15.2 at the wither and 15.3 at the butt. PERFECT!!! That means he'll most probably be 16.2 at the smallest, which is perfect... but hopefully not much more than 16.3 or 17 hands. :) 

He didn't get to celebrate his birthday today really, but he celebrated yesterday with his swim in the lake ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danny entertainment

So... I got a new phone with a cool camera in it, so... I had to take pictures :) 


Well.. he IS from Virginia.....

Danny was a naughty goof ball today!!! heee hee... The kid cracks me up. I decided to take him and Fleck for a ride since he hadn't been out in a while. Unfortunately today was the first cold day we've had in a while. Lately it's been almost t-shirt weather, but today was windy, overcast, and a high of 45 degrees! But we're eventers... we're tough! So we loaded up fine and got there and both boys were groomed. I decided to throw the bareback pad on Danny and even cinched it up. He didn't care. :) So then we were off. (I did take the pad off Dan). 

Danny was a bit naughty... He kept tossing his head and trying to break free, run ahead, canter instead of trot.... But... he crossed all three creeks without any issues and we only had one "stop and plant" and that was when we met another horse and we were leaving them. And I know I'll appreciate the forwardness soon enough :) 

So then we came out at the lake. So I thought, fine, let's play for a bit and then we'll take the long trail back home. So Danny splashed and carried on... and then laid down for a roll. Goofy baby horse.. it's Cold!!! So then he splashed some more... and then next thing I know.. he's heading into deep waters! I was so surpised (and kinda curious) that I let go of the lead rope... and he went for a big long swim!!! Like... SWIMMING swim!!! It was only his little head that was emerged. Hee hee.... Hilarious!!  Here's the link.  

So he gets out and goes bucking around a bit, but then stopped to eat grass so I was able to catch him. Then I decided since he was now soaking wet and it was chilly.... we'd stick in the sunshine. Only he was feeling good and kept trying to buck and be silly. The little turd finally got the best of me and broke loose.... and went streaking and bucking across the cross country field. Ooops!! Luckily it was just us and I caught him after he had a little jaunt. I decided that was enough fun for now and we would just head home. No more excursions without some better control... either the chitney bit (chutney...why oh why can't I remember what that darn thing is called!) or a bit perhaps. 

So we got back uneventfully and since Dan was wet I threw Fleck's fleecey on him. It didn't "fit" necessarily, but it worked. So then we headed home. 

And of course that night it was supposed to drop into the upper 20's, but by then Dan had dried off. I did put Roany's size 76 blanket on him... A teensy bit big but it fit!! Enough for him to wear it all night and not get tangled up. 

So yep... another FUN exciting adventure with the Danaroo!

And.... while he wasn't being naughty... he was being super cute... He kept wanting into my pockets. hee hee...


Monday, November 5, 2012

Such a beautiful day!!!

Today was a GORGEOUS day...... Perfect long sleeve t-shirt weather, gorgeous fall colors, and two of my favorite guys to spend it with! 

I took Danny and Fleck for a trail ride at Ashland and we had a blast. Danny was pretty good although he managed to chew Fleck's name of his special lead rope. Doh! We had fun though. We did a long ride through the woods and in some open fields and then finished at the lake. Dan crossed the creek without hesitating this time too! 

I love my boys!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

I sat on Dan!!!!!

Hee hee.... I went out for bed check tonight.... and Dan was down for his snooze. I snuggled a bit and then thought... hmmm.. he's so conveniently right here... So I hopped on!! hee hee.... He didn't care. He kinda looked around and sniffed my leg but was like "oh.. okay". It was awesome!!! He already takes up my leg quite nicely :) 

I got off... and then got back on again. Hee hee. I couldn't resist! So... I've backed Dan :) 

ha ha!! I have a feeling it'll be a bit more ...eventful..... when he's not half asleep ;)