Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas!! So blessed!

Merry Christmas!!!

Today was a lovely day. I did NOT have to work... It's still weird. :) Mike and I slept in (Me more than him). I got up and fed the ponies and spent some time cuddling. Then Mike and I exchanged gifts. He got me a new radio for the truck. It has spotify and pandora so I can play all sorts of great songs. I'm so excited. It also has a camera screen that I can watch once I get the camera for the horse trailer. Yay!!! I hope it fits!

After we did gifts, we made a giant cheese and fruit board and stuffed our faces. Then I went and hung the curtains Mom and I made for the trailer and unrolled my mattress and did a little bit of organizing. It was cold though and I wanted to ride, so I didn't do too much more.  

Mom and Tracy had made the boys Christmas wreaths that were completely edible, so I hung those up before we went for our ride and they LOVED them.  
Eating the Christmas Wreaths  (I love how Dan looks at Fleck and then copies him).

Nom nom nom

So then... we met Kelli at Ashland and had a great ride. I rode Dan with her and we did about an hour of walking on the hills. We ran into Mr. Jeff and Beau too. Ha ha. Figures!! He's the only other hard core person who would be out there in the cold on Christmas. :) After the walk, I did our two 5 minute trot sets out in the XC field. 

Then I hopped on Fleck for a quick ride and headed home. It was getting cold!!!  But what a lovely day!!! I'm so blessed and lucky.

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