Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed

Ha ha. Dan was a grumpy grumpy pants today!! He must not have slept well. ;)

But we had a great lesson. Cindy said it wasn't a lot of "stuff" but we got a lot of mental work today and at one point she was so pleased with my "training" and altering Dan with my body not just my hands she said she got goosebumps :)

We worked on cantering off my hips, not digging my spur into him. And it took a few tries, but he became much more reactive than I thought. Yahoo. REMEMBER THAT Holly. :)

We also worked on counter canter again, along the long and short sides vs the loops. I visualized the wall again and had another very helpful thought from Cindy. She told me to think about halfpassing him to hold the counter canter. It helped me from crossing over his neck with the reins (Which does NOTHING GOOD by the way Holly!) and helped me maintain my hip momentum, which helped him maintain the counter canter. :) Sweet!

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