Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Adult Pony Camp: Day 1

Lesson with Cindy: Use leg yield in the canter to get him pushing off the hind end evenly. It really helps which then gives my butt a place to sit rather than having to get popped out of the tack.

Beth Pony Camp:
Lead up: back from beth boot camp, fleck tried to kill dan, dan pulled a shoe… wouldn’t eat… Freddie got the shoe on and we got packed and loaded and headed out for our lesson with Cindy and then to go to Full Gallop.
Day 1: Hitchcock woods: All was well until the tractor came and we turned and got clustered and Dan got nailed in the left hind femur medially. Thought he had broken it… thank God he didn’t… was sound after a bit. Came back and cold hosed and turned out. A bit off so gave banamine hoping he’d feel better.

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