Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Adult Pony Camp: Day 5

Dressage: ride a test

Day 5: Dressage Ride a test. Warmed up AWESOME. In the epiphany. I cannot wait. Then did our test. I’m not accurate. I need to COUNT MY STRIDES each quadrant of the circle and make them match. I need to leave at the letter. And the weird center line diagonal thing…. Don’t ride it like a circle.. ride like I’m going across the diagonal and then square turn to G. And sit it. It’s too squiggly to not sit. And then Beth said basically he’s just too long and on the forehand so collect him up. I sat up and deep and closed my leg and he immediately got lower behind and higher up front and felt awesome. He was tired and so I had to pony club kick and whip at one point, which pissed him off, but it gave me the most lovely little lofty trot. Beth said it was awesome but probably a hair too much for novice. But to go for it and then just add a bit more forward. So.. it was quite nice. 😊 Now napping.

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