Sunday, July 22, 2018

We Will Have Fun!

Today I went for a fun hack with Nikki! I got there early and took Dan out thinking we could do some fitness as the weather was unbelievably gorgeous!! It was a bit windy with a slightly cooler breeze than usual and the temperature wasn't insane. And the humidity wasn't bad when we started but it did creep up. In other words, it was perfect fitness weather for late July. 

And as usual.... Danny was a lazy bum when he should have been a roaring dragon. Oh well. Can't complain. We did a bit of hill work and then Nikki joined us. So we did a little bit of w/t/c and then jumped some things. Danny was ho hum about it so we just popped over some stuff. But I did do both the ramps... the little BN one and then the "training" one set on the top of the hill which made it a smidge more challenging. He was good for both. Then I wanted to do a little bit more so I braved up and did the trakehner again. I let him look at it at first and we warmed up to it by doing the little baby hanging log and then the bigger hanging log/faux trakehner. He was super though! He jumped it and was good. So then we did it two more times and then I took him to the ditch and wall and he popped right over that. :)

So then we took a quick trail ride and then Danny got a nice massage from Nikki. It was a good day. :) 

I definitely need to get back to our hacking and fitness work though. Danny and I are both getting lazy!

 This wasn't actually supposed to be a photo of the trakenher we jumped... there was a giant hawk in the tree. But I missed the hawk in the photo. Or you can't see it in the trees. 

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