Thursday, July 5, 2018

Relaxing Hack

Today was supposed to be Dan's week off.... after Boot Camp with Beth and then Boot Camp with me and him in Aiken with Beth, I figured he deserved a week off. Only... we had our lesson with Cindy which I didn't want to miss. And then I just really wanted to go for a hack. I figured a walk hack would be good for him. It wasn't too strenuous and he hasn't been out for a true lazy hack in awhile. We've been doing lessons and showing and schoolings... nothing lazy. So I figured he would appreciate it. And boy did he!!! I'm thinking I'm super glad I took him out as he was energetic. I'm afraid that if I had actually given him an entire week off, my first ride back might have been naughty! Maybe not, but... we had fun. 

He was on a mission and power walked most of the way. We started off heading through the woods alongside the XC field towards the lake. Well... Clay was working on the tractor right on the fence line. He was wearing ear muffs and concentrating that I don't think he ever realized we were there. Dan was fine... until he was just about past it, and then he spooked. He went up, bounced, tried to run, etc. But he settled down and I got him a few steps past it and then he was fine. I don't think he was scared... I think he was playing. :) Luckily Kelli and Arwyn were okay and we were able to carry on. We ended up hacking for about an hour and put in 2.7 miles I think. It was awesome. :) 

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