Sunday, July 8, 2018

One last vacation hack

Or not..... ha ha! 

Today was a great day! It was almost chilly this morning!!! GLORIOUS weather!!! I slept in, snuggled with Mike, and then went to feed the ponies. They hung out together a bit while I was getting their feed ready so after they ate, since it was such lovely weather, I turned them out together. And success!!! Thank goodness!!! I know Danny is happier. And it makes my life easier. So while they were out I went ahead and bush hogged the arena and behind the old barn. Then I went to the grocery store. And then I went to do some work but my cavanti was not working so I went for a ride instead. :) It was a bit hotter by the time I got out there, but it was still quite nice.

Danny and I headed out for a trail ride. It was a pretty chill ride but we did some trotting and cantering and had fun. Then I wanted to hop over a few fences just to work on pushing my butt back and staying behind the cantle. And a few fences turned into a few more fences. But we had fun. 

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