Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Oh man..........

Well... it took 3 months of  restricted exercise/stall rest/hand walking/walking rehab riding before it happened, but it happened. Dan broke free. :( I decided to take just him to Ashland to ride because I didn't have time to ride both and they need to get used to it again because Dan's appointment was in two days and Fleck and him would be separated all day. So I turned Fleck into the front field and politely asked him to keep it calm, even though I knew I had been asking a lot of him lately and not giving him any rewards for it. Yeah.. he said "screw that, you're right... I'm getting screwed!". And was a little bit rowdy. He wasn't terrible, but he was running a little bit. Dan did pretty good with it and wasn't that crazy but he got only halfway into the trailer before he came back out. He came out quick and I couldn't hold him. He went flying off and then galloped down to the front field gate. Ugh... then he went galloping to the old barn and then luckily into the arena/round pen, so I was able to trap him. And then he was fine and let me grab him and then politely loaded into the trailer. 

We had a good ride too. He was a little prancy but settled down pretty well. We had a good hack. :) It was such a pretty day!!

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