Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More despooking

Georgia Power is out to get me!! Luckily God is on my side.

So.. yesterday I had the new truck (well, new to me, and still not yet paid for) and I took the boys to Ashland to test it out. It drives awesome!!! Anyways, when we left it was chaotic at home... smoke from the neighbors fire, GA power cutting limbs on the road, and what sounded like metal being shredded at the other neighbors. Well, apparently, LUCKILY while we were gone, GA Power came and cut the limbs along our power lines. Which is down the driveway and in the front yard. So when we got home, luckily before Freddie got there, I had to stop the trailer in the driveway and clear all the branches before we could pull in. It took me about 20 minutes! Ugh.... 

So anyways, point being... that this morning, God was looking out for me and the boys again. Luckily I had a later start to my day. Because when I woke up GA Power was back again! And cutting again. They opened the pasture gate, drove right in, left the gate open, and then dropped the shredder and two guys. The two guys were moving limbs over to the shredder and then the truck came back and they started shredding... right between the barn and the arena/round pen. Thank God that I didn't have to turn the boys out (or hadn't already turned them out and left) because they would have gotten silly and Danny probably would have re-injured himself in the mud. I'm a little irritated that they just made themselves at home. I'm going to call and discuss this with them. What if my horses had been out?! And gotten loose? Or hurt themselves because they were shredding right next to them?? But like I said, God was looking out for me, so... it all ended well. They finished before I had to leave so I was able to turn them out. Safely!

Unfortunately I didn't get a ride or even a hand walk in today. :( 


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