Thursday, November 2, 2017

Is it really November?

It was such a beautiful day today!! 70+ degrees and gorgeous out. Luckily I was able to get in a ride and I didn't die.

I thought I might. The deer are out and both Fleck and Dan were all freaked out today in the round pen. They kept staring into the woods. I decided to try to be brave and leave Fleck to get grass since I was running short on time. Dan was brave until I tried to load him and then he lost his marbles and freaked out. So I decided to go back and get Fleck for moral support. Dan hit halfway to the pasture and really freaked out - rearing, pawing, spinning, kicking up my fresh rye grass. Ugh... Then Fleck luckily came up from the front but wouldn't get close enough to let me halter him at first. Meanwhile Dan is still convinced the deer are going to eat him. Sigh...

I finally managed to get Fleck and get them both on the trailer. And then Dan was fine. We had a pleasant ride at Ashland with Kelli and Arwyn, although Dan was a bit amped up. He didn't do anything but he was highly tempted. So... not many photos. It was such a pretty day though. I'm sad I didn't have time for Fleck too. :( Poor guy... he's putting up with so much because of Dan's injury. I owe him some big treats!

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