Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rough Day for Dan

(this post should be before the other one. Oh well, I can't figure out how to fix it). 
Today was a big day for Dan!

First he got dewormed with TWO dewormers!! He had a high egg count (Fleck was zero!) so we had to give him two different types. Then Dr. Diane was coming to do dentals. So I attempted to ride him this morning before then, but she showed up early so I only got about 25 minutes into the ride.  He was being kind of a butt.

So then she looked at him and I got to pick her brain about EPM, the muscle tears, the ulcers, and the tongue thing. She said that his teeth weren't bad but that if he was a wimp, that could explain the tongue thing. We also switched his bit to Fleck's old bit since it was thinner and fit his mouth well. Then she said that she felt like his butt was still super super sore, especially more medial than where the tear was. He kept doing that "popping" thing where he'd almost buckle his pelvis. She's worried that perhaps he has another muscle tear a bit higher/more medial and that's why he's buckling. Great...... that's all we need. Although she felt like his issues were more pain related than neuro and she doesn't think he has EPM. So at least there's that. She did say his ulcer points were still pretty hot. Poor kid. He's only had 6 full doses though. But anyways, he got drugged and got his teeth done. He was a good boy.

So then he got tossed out while I went to work. When I got home I got all paranoid about that muscle spot. So... I worked on him. I did some energy type/masterson type work and got lots of releases. It's interesting because the less I did, the more zoned out and quiet he got. I got a lot of good releases. Then I did some acupuncture and even hooked him up to the electricity. He did great!! 

So yep.. big day for Big D. Hopefully this will help him feel better. And hopefully our trailer will come before Nov 30th, so that we can get to his recheck appointment. I'm going to see if she can ultrasound the spot Dr. Diane was worried about. 

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