Saturday, November 18, 2017

Getting the hang of riding at home

So... Danny is behaving at home now! And we're getting the hang of "Jail life". ;) He's being super good. I think it helps that his stomach is feeling better too. 

We had a ride today. We did some walk work and even did a teeny bit of haunches in and shoulders in and one turn on the forehand and one turn on the haunches in each direction. I also asked him to trot for about 10 steps to see if he felt sound. He was perfect and he felt good. He also wasn't back sore today, so.... fingers crossed he's all good and we can get the green light for upping the work in two weeks!
Fleck is getting the hang of it too and was a good boy.  

After our ride we went to the fence line and let the neighbors daughter, Emmy, pet the horses. Dan is good but greedy with her. She's a cute kid. 

Then I gave Dan his stuffed elephant to play with. He liked it!

Twirly Twirly Twirly


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