Thursday, November 2, 2017

Holy Moly... Where's the Ace?!!

So... it rained a bit last night... and that brought in the cold front. Today dawned a VERY cold and VERY windy day. So bad that I almost didn't turn them out, but since they were in all day yesterday and all night (because of the supposed rain) I felt obligated. But I did ace Dan before I turned him out. On top of his reserpine. It didn't help. He was still a bit naughty in the arena. Oops. :(

But I did man up and decide to go ride. I was smart enough to ace him again for our ride. I only gave him a little bit, but figured it would be safer for both of us.

And he was pretty good. There was a little lead straight up at the beginning of the ride and two startles, but... nothing more. So yay!

I couldn't feel my cheeks by the end of the ride it was so windy and cold, but it was a good ride!

Mad props to the jailbird for behaving!

 (no picture of our ride because I was too afraid to take my hands of the reins. ;) Ha. And I had on my poofy winter gloves which don't cooperate with my phone).

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