Monday, May 20, 2019

Swimming and Dressaging

Mike and I went to the lake today to sail. But the wind was not cooperative. We did have a nice dip in the lake though. It wasn't actually too bad. It felt quite refreshing. So after shopping at REI (I needed new work shoes) and lunch, I had time to ride. So off I went. Kelli joined me and watched me finish my dressage ride. She gave me some helpful pointers.

Try to open my thigh, bring my leg back a hair (I was getting a little too chair seat-y in an attempt to fix my bum), and not roll onto my pockets as much, but instead think about lifting and straightening my lower back. But keeping my shoulder blades open. It was very helpful. I played with the canter pirouettes but didn't quite get what we had the other day. Or even close. ;) Doh! Oh well.

Then we went for a hack. I decided to put on the bareback pad while Kelli was tacking up and I'm so glad I did! Because Danno wanted to swim! We took three little laps. :) It was fun. We had a great hack and just chilled. It was a nice night.

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