Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jekyl and Hyde

And I actually mean me!! Ha! Not Dan. Dan was a super star today. 

We had a great ride this morning. We did a little warm up trip around the little lake and then did some dressage. He was SUPER!! Our canter got straight and upright and even and round. We got some pretty decent hesitations in our canter pirouettes and were able to complete a 180 both ways, albeit baby ones. We had some nice counter canter serpentines. We also had some good shoulder in and haunches in (renver, travers??? I don't ever remember) and we also had some fairly decent attempts at half pass at the trot. At the end we decided to do a few mediums in the trot and he was READY!! Hee hee. I let him finish with a medium down centerline and he was on fire!! We even got the working trot before the halt :) yay!!

We then had a lovely hack and just chilled out. It wasn't too terribly hot but it's getting bad already. I was dripping sweat but at least I wasn't heat stroking!

And all was well with the world. I was relaxed and happy and loving life. 

Then I came home and ate lunch and then headed out to see 3 horses. Just three horses... And I got so cranky! Granted the heat and humidity were miserable...but I think my hormones are out of control. Sigh... ugh.. this is going to be a long cranky summer :( 

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