Monday, May 20, 2019

Heat wave

Yucky!! It got hot and miserable. Dan and I were planning to meet up with Kelli and ride. We had to coordinate because I had a wedding in the afternoon and she had to jump judge in the morning. We made it work but it meant that I was jumping Dan around noon on Saturday. And it was HOT and still. And even hotter in the sandbox. We warmed up and did some jumping. It wasn't anything exciting. We're still not really quite together every time. Or even most of the time. But... at least half the time. And when we're not, we're not disasters. Or terrified. But.. we definitely still need a lot of work. He's still drifting hard right, especially when he's having to launch from a tight spot. And he doesn't feel like he's pushing. But when we were on... it was lovely! He seemed to be jumping the straightest when he was able to reach a little for the distance. In a good powerful way though, not a desperate attempt to fly way. :) We did some course work and some related distances. Nothing too crazy as we were still having issues. But... progress. :) 

I need to get some time to put up some grids at the house so I can pop him through them once a week. I just need to find time to see which of my jumps (if any) are still usable and how many more poles I need... I'm betting all of them are worthless now. :( Ugh..

Anyways... after making ourselves almost heat stroke (or me at least) we went for a nice hack with Kelli and cooled off. Dan splashed in the lake a little bit. It was a nice cool down ride :)

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