Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Little Bits of Progress

Today was another good day. :) Yay!

Danny was in a mood this morning!!! Thank goodness his injectable omeprazole comes today. He was cranky tacking up. But Cindy was watching us warm up and said "wow Holly.. he must be feeling better! He's so forward!". Ha ha... I'm not so sure that's the meds working or the "shock and awe" I've been reminding myself to do as necessary .... Although to be honest, he hasn't needed as much reminding as I would have thought and his spur rubs are healing. :) So either way, yay! He was much more forward and happy today. I still had a few steps of the rein lameness but it seemed to disappear when I would turn my left shoulder back and lift my left hip. So. ???? 

We had a good ride, working on cadence and impulsion and lift and bounce. We also worked on our leg yields being more dramatic... more crossing! And then we did some more work with the trot half passes. They are hard for me to grasp how to make it all work and what angle to be on. But we got a few steps both directions today that felt pretty correct and pretty decent :) Yay!!!

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