Saturday, May 4, 2019

Blasted Sprinklers and Storms

Freakin' Frackin Fooey!!

ARGHHHH. Can you tell I'm aggravated??! Sigh.... I can't win...  Despite finding 5 four leaf clovers today.... 

I had plans to ride with Kelli this morning though we hadn't officially confirmed a set time. She managed to sleep in so I was waiting a little bit on her. Which... I was dawdling myself too. The weather forecast kept changing and made it sound like the storms weren't going to come in til way later despite originally saying they were starting around 1. And I had a migraine last night and took some nightquil and a maxalt so I was a little sluggish. So I finally got to Ashland and talked briefly to Deb and Maren and then got tacked up. I ended up putting in studs again and wearing my vest. And then I got on. I headed out to XC and decided to hack to the lake and back to warm up since I didn't want to start schooling on tight tendons. Plus, I figured it would give him a chance to breathe a bit because he was still a little on edge from yesterday. So we did. We ran into two friends at the lake and Dan really wanted someone to keep him company so I stuck around a bit and we splashed in the lake with them for a bit. Dan had a blast. He had a splash war with Gallagher. It was fun. 
(side bar.. I do like my new attached neck strap!... debating getting a halter plate that says "Shenanigans" or "BAMF" or... "kick on" or something)

We then headed back to the field and did a tiny bit of trotting on our way to the middle. As soon as we got there Deb and Maren stepped out of the woods and informed me that the sprinklers were back on. Seriously?!?!! UGH... I know... they were prepping for Pony Club Games Rally Sunday, and most horses aren't terrified of the sprinklers, but... jeeze louise! Poor Dan. Since we were down by the ditches I thought that perhaps he couldn't see or hear them and we'd be fine. At this point, Deb and Maren had already said they were going to go back and if Holly (Deb's horse) wasn't freaked out, they'd come get me to help desensitize Dan. Well... they got almost to the edge of the field and Dan saw the sprinklers... and then his heart started pounding out of his chest again. So I had them wait and was trying to catch up with them since I figured he'd appreciate company. It was either that or keep trying to keep him from bolting back to the back 40 again. By the time I got a bit farther up the sprinklers were off. Yay! So we walked over to the dressage arena's and Dan was being brave. Then we heard thunder rumbles and noticed that it was dark on the edge of Ashland. We got Dan up to the jump arena and he was brave. I was about to go out ot XC and try to jump like... 4 fences.. before the rain hit... and then I saw the bolt of lightning in the XC field. Sigh... Are you kidding me??

So then we all panicked (quietly and politely) and headed back to the trailers. Everyone  load up and get home. Sigh... I thought about waiting it out but the radar looked bad. Good thing because it poured buckets on my way home. Son of a biscuit... Seriously?!?! UGHHH....

It poured and then once I got home and got back in the house, the sun came out and the birds were chirping. So... I debated for a bit... and then it started thundering again and then it started raining again.... on and off all day. I went grocery shopping... And then it seemed like the weather was going to cooperate so I decided to at least go hop on bareback and play with the neck rope in the front field. And as I was tacking up, I heard thunders. Yep.... 4 minutes into my ride it started sprinkling and by the time Dan and I got back from the front field, it was starting to pour. I basically rode him into his stall. Literally. UGHHHHhh.... 

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