Saturday, May 25, 2019

8th Birthday Party

Awwww, my little baby boy is growing up!! How on earth is he already 8 years old?!?!

We had a fun day today! We went XC schooling at Chatt Hills with some friends. It was HOT!!! But not as hot as driving home with the heat on to keep the truck from overheating. Jeepers! I must get that fixed soon. 

We had a good day. We hacked all the way down from the top barns to the XC field and then warmed up briefly. We then all took turns jumping a few jumps at a time and it went super smoothly! Everyone did great! 

My takeaway for the day is.... Get the canter far enough away, and make sure I'm making a difference.... He must go from a gallop to a more collected put together canter... then allow him to reach for it. I need to keep my shoulders up and back, my elbows at my side, and my leg on. And then we're pretty much golden. :)

We had a good time. We had a few stops, but they were more because I didn't get him collected/shortened/packaged enough and he was not being brave enough to take a super long flyer. OR... he was being too smart! Once we got the correct (or at least more correct) pace, he went and went happily! We also got to lead the two "big kids" off the down bank into the water and he went happily and without hesitation. We jumped the sunken road. We jumped the jump in the water. We jumped a few training fences, and some of the technical training stuff. 

It was a good day! And I think Dan enjoyed his birthday party. :) 

I'm so blessed to own this crazy, goofy, silly, funny, smart, talented and fun boy. :) 

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