Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Creating the Canter

Today we had a lesson with Kristin. It was our first one other than that one a long time ago with Fleck. Since Beth isn't going to the AEC's for coaching even, I decided it would be smart to ride with Kristin a few times to see if I liked her and so we could get a feel for each other before the AEC's. I'm pretty sure she will be there, so assuming we can actually get our last clean XC run and get qualified... it would be nice to have help. :)

And I liked her. We talked about a few things and then we went to work. She had me pick up a canter and canter through two cavaletti's 3 strides apart. We got the 3 but it was awkward. So then she had me go back to canter... then add some forward and then we added the rocked back part. I'm not exactly sure how I accomplished it, other than keeping my leg on, keeping my shoulders up and thinking of collecting him. And it worked, because then the 3 strides become very easy. In fact, I almost had to half halt to fit them in. Which, made my brain hurt, because.... I know, but... because it seems like it should be different. But anyways, so then we did that a few times...  I would get what I thought was the canter, and then "test" it by going through the cavaletti's. If it was an easy 3, there yah go! I had the canter. If it wasn't, then... I needed to fix the canter. So then we did some course work and worked on the same stuff. She gave me homework to do too. Basically the same stuff at home. Set up a cavaletti or small fences or even ground lines and practice my canter and striding.

Then when I got home I was pressure spraying some of the blankets and Dan had to help. ;) 

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