Thursday, January 10, 2019

Well Dang....

So... I finally got a lesson with Kelly Eaton again!!! Except Daniel is lame still. :( Ugh... And more lame... We played a little trying to figure it out... We worked a little on the turn on the forehand. Kelly used the "whip of encouragement" to help us get a little more oomph to them. :) She said it was better to have our circle be too large and get points off for that than to have him get stuck or lose the energy. We then tried to do some canter work but he was obviously more sore today as he started to struggle in the canter too. Ugh.. Kelly thought it was left front. So... I have no idea where it is. We did a little canter work and realized that... when cantering right... Dan can have inside flexion or counter flexion and maintain the canter, even while counter cantering. However, when we try to get counter flexion on the left lead true canter.. he cannot do that. He falls out of the canter. Hmmm.... But what does that mean?? Kelly suggested looking into his neck as he seemed to not be muscled evenly. 

So... yeah.. we quit riding as he seemed a little bit more uncomfortable despite trying pretty hard to do what I wanted. Even Kelly said he was game today as much as he could. 

So.. fingers crossed I can figure out what the problem is asap. 

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