Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Today was a gorgeous day!!! I had a bunch of horses to do in Winterville, or so I thought. Turns out there was only 5 and I finished quicker than normal. So yay! I rushed home to try to sneak in a ride. And found out that Mike was working on the leaking pipe and it had progressed to a broken gushing pipe so that we had no water in the house. Mike was taking a break to let the water drain so he told me to go ride. So...despite it being a gorgeous day and me being SOOOOOO tempted to just hack and hack forever and take Fleck out for a spin too.... I was a good girl and tried to be quick. I did a 20 minute dressage ride doing my best to practice what we had worked on with Kelly. I did a lot of walking and then some trotting. And then I couldn't help myself and did a little bit of cantering, but only focusing on what we had worked on. Partly because I know it was helpful and partly because I needed to break the pattern with getting frustrated with Dan. So then we went for a short hack just to reward us both. And then I went home and helped Mike dig. And dig.... and we finally found the busted pipe but it was exploded and we couldn't find the other end. So then we gave up for the night as it was dark.

 It was REALLY windy the day before. :) I had to move 16 pieces back in line before I could ride. :)

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