Wednesday, January 23, 2019

CHEEEEEESSSSE DIP!!! And a great lesson!

So.. things are looking up. :) 

Today Mike said he would dig and let me go play. Plus it was too cold and the ground was frozen in the morning anyways. So.. I loaded up and headed out for my lesson. I got on early to warm up and practice the Kelly stuff but didn't get on as early as I hoped. But it didn't matter. We had an AWESOME lesson!!!

Cindy was so pleased and said that it was so great to see my body making changes. Like.. there is still some body habits but she could tell that I was starting to be more aware of them and correct them. So Yay!! Progress!!! And Danny felt pretty darn good!! We had moments of spazzyness and me falling into old patterns, but plenty of good moments too. The biggest take away today was that I needed to keep my elbows at my side. To the point of me joking that I needed a bungee cord to keep them at my side. It's part body habit and part Danny sneakily pulling my arm forward in an effort to allow him to elongate and not stay contracted on his tough side. And she noticed that I was being better with my right leg and he was being better about wrapping/bending around it too. Yay!!! 

We worked on the trot and canter lengthens (mediums I guess... I'm a big girl now!). She said that this isn't eventing... we're not "building" in the medium. They start judging at the letter and I should be in a medium at the letter. SO.... to help facilitate that I need to ride the corner. RIDE THE CORNER!! For the people in the back.. RIDE THE CORNERS!! I need to prep him in the corners so we can BAM... MEDIUM right out of the corner. And then as was more evident in the medium canter... we need to go for UP!! Not forward, but UP! And round, but mostly focus on the UP. And then when we ask for the downward transition, I need to be quick, quick, quick.... It's not a slower tempo, it's a shorter stride. But the same speed. So I need to be quick, quick, quick coming down from the transition. WHICH... requires so much more leg than I think. And same thing for the trot, but it's a bit more obvious to me in the canter. So ride my trot medium like the canter medium. 

So yep.. It was a great lesson! Danny felt pretty darn great! After my lesson it was so lovely out I wanted to hack around, but I had gifted Kelli a seat lesson with Cindy and she was riding soon and I needed to lunge her, so I did a quick spin and then untacked Dan and then went and lunged Arwyn. It was pretty helpful watching. It was neat the see the difference in thinking up, up, up and forward with your seat instead of side to side with your seat. And the difference in Arywns back with that too. And then a lot of the same stuff I hear...  The inside bend is from the leg... and we are so tempted to correct it with the rein, but it really has to come mostly from our leg and our bodies. 

Then we took the ponies to La Parilla with us and Peri came and Sue and Karen met us. We had a great lunch. I decided since it was the day before my birthday I would eat cheese dip! ALL THE CHEESE DIP!! I told them to back off cause this was my bowl and they needed to get their own.  :) Ha ha. It was soooo good!! Hopefully I won't get a migraine or a headache from it. :) But yep, so much fun. Then I went home and worked on two doggies. :) 

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