Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Snow Day..... ha ha ha.....

So... today was a potential snow day. The weather channel said it would rain in the morning but be in the low 40's but then by 11 or so the rain would stop but the temperatures would drop. I was a teeny bit worried about the driving home. But I figured I'd see how things went in the morning and then decide. And... yeah... it was just a regular rainy day. Cold... but not cold enough quick enough to make the roads bad. So I'm glad I went to ride. 

Danny was a pretty good boy and so much more forward than he has been. We worked on cadence and me keeping my sternum up and not collapsing in my core. We also worked on Dan's balance. I was getting the feel for when he was crooked, but not quite going about it the right way. Cindy suggested that when we're tracking left and I feel the need to pull the left rein across his neck to straighten him, INSTEAD think about riding shoulder in to the left. Which will straighten him. And then I can get to the point where we don't have to do the actual shoulder in, just ride a shoulder fore for a second. So... I tried that. And it helped a lot but I'm still not good enough with my balancing aids quick enough, so.. it was a struggle still. We had some good work doing shoulder in and renvers (or travers.. whatever one it it is). We also worked on the canter and me keeping my legs draped down, not pinching up. And... interestingly, when I drape more, despite a minute or two of my butt jumping up and down, it then settles. But I have to remember to keep my leg on because Dan uses that as an excuse to drop out of the canter. But it was lovely when we had it. 

So yep... making progress!

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