Saturday, August 11, 2018

Show Day

So.... today was a super fabulous day!! Danny and I went to the Silverthorn schooling show. It was supposed to be last weekend but got rained out, so they moved it to today. And today was SUPER!! It was really quite nice. For August anyways... we had a nice breeze and the humidity wasn't too bad. So... it got hot but really wasn't too bad until about 2 pm. 

Dan and I got there and I unloaded him and brought him a bucket of water. Which he immediately flipped and dumped. Sigh... Stinker!

We did a Novice CT today and 1-2 dressage. We started with our novice dressage test. Which felt SUPER!! He felt so nice and soft and supple. :) And... it must have been nice because as we were leaving the judge leaned out of her truck and jokingly asked if I was aiming for high point for the whole entire show?? :) Hee hee.. We scored a 21.4!!! Almost all 8's, one 9, one 7.5, two 7's and one 6.5 (on the halt where his right hind went rogue!). Yahoo Danny!! Turns out we were high score (or low score I guess...) of the show.  And bonus because Mike came to watch. I felt bad as I didn't get to hang out with him too much as I was on Dan most of the time. But it was nice to have him there.

So then we changed saddles to go jump. I had more time than I thought, but... I didn't know that. I decided to leave the nathe bridle on because then I didn't have to change the number or his bridle and that helped me get ready quicker. I swapped saddles and headed down to the jump ring. He warmed up super for a handful of fences and then we waited a bit. Then I picked him back up again and we headed over some fences again. We took a big flyer to one but.. nothing super extreme. But then he lost his marbles!! I mean.. he went bonkers. He was bucking, rearing, spinning and bolting. I mean... head down between his toes bucking! And I had the nathe in his mouth!! I thought a few times I was going to come off. I almost went back and swapped out the bridle but it was almost my turn. I figured he was just amped up and if I could get him going on course, he would behave. I was right! :) Once he got to go and could keep going... he settled. But he tried to buck once and got a bit quick once. We ended up taking a rail on the second fence. Oh man!!! That's our first rail in competition I think. Dangit. Oh well. After that he was pretty good. We had one flyer and then I buried him at the next fence. But he got us out of it and the majority of our fences were lovely!  :) I was kind of proud. Especially because those fences looked huge! And the terrain was tough as it was a bit of a slight hill so it sort of sucked you down into the fences. So... we ended up with only the one rail and luckily... we still won!! Caroline has unicorn mug prizes... so I really wanted to win! :) YAY!    

After our jump round he was literally dripping sweat and foamy, so I had to hose him off. Then I pretty much had to tack him back up for our 1-2 test, so... I tacked him up wet. He settled and was fine but we both were a bit tired at this point. I think my ride times were 12:37, 1:19, and 2;17, so... I was pretty much on him for 3 hours. So our test was a little bit bracier and not as soft. Plus it was also a harder test, so.. you know. But still, it was quite nice. We ended up with a 70.15!!! Whoo hooo!!! 

So yep.. quite the nice day. :) 

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