Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Great Lesson: Getting uphill

It is so nice when things start to come together and build upon other things. :) I'm sure it'll go spiraling out of control again before too long, but... we had a great ride today!

I was able to really think about sitting and lifting the withers and ribcage and getting Danny to rock back and put his hind feet underneath him instead of behind him. We had some great transitions, especially now that I've gotten better at making the down beat my prep and the up beat my act. I have to make sure my chin stays up so I don't collapse us both. But we had some really nice work today. He's feeling sooooo fancy and collected. (I'm sure it's not exactly what I think it is, but... still feels great). We also worked on the counter canter again and it helps a lot for me to think of pushing him to the outside (and then half passing at certain parts). 

Fun day!!

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