Thursday, August 23, 2018

More Hacking

So.... I didn't do my lesson today. Partly because I wasn't sure I was up for it and partly because I wasn't sure Dan would be sound after he tripped on the trailer yesterday. Plus I really need to start seeing the patients I cancelled on. Sigh... 

So... I got up early and went to Ashland to ride. It was soooo nice out. I mean, it got hot quick, but it started out sooooo nice and with a little bit of crispness in the air. AHHHHH... FALL!!!! It's coming!! It's coming!!!! 

We got to Ashland and I decided to just put on the jump saddle and hack because I wasn't feeling too up to working hard just yet. Plus I'm still a little hangry and I didn't want to argue. So we went for a fun fitness hack. We walked, we did hills, we trotted, and we did a long awesome fun canter. We're both out of shape. :) 

We headed back in and went up to the jump field because I wanted to do a teeny bit of trot and canter in the arena. I kind of wished I had put on my dressage saddle at the end of my ride. Oops. Oh well. But he was super. We trotted and did the leg yield zig zag and then we did the canter serpentines. And he was super so then we quit. Plus I had to go to work. :)

Good pony!

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