Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cavaletti Day!

Today was a fun day. It feels sooooo good to be back in the saddle and "working" rather than just farting around. I mean... I love farting around too. We definitely do that enough. But I also like accomplishing things. :) 

Today was Cavaletti/grid day with Beth. She always has challenging stuff. Today wasn't too bad and it was a lot of fun. Danny was super too!!

We started with trot poles on the long sides and did those both directions. Then we progressed to trotting the long side and then cantering on the short side and coming back to a collected trot for the trot poles. It was a little tough but the horses got the hang of it quickly and did awesome. They got bouncy!

Then we upped the ante and added a canter pole on the short side. And for Danielle and Rusty, they had to alternate between counter canter and true canter. We laughed that Danny and Jackson were just trying to be overachievers because in the beginning we both kept getting the wrong leads. ha ha. 

But yep... Very helpful day. And let me just say... I LOVE MY EPIPHANY!! They should have named it Effortless, because... you're just there. And you don't have to try.. or struggle. It's just..... effortless!! YAY!!!! SO worth it. :) 

Fun day! We did a little short hack before and after too. Oh and... Danny was cracking me up. And annoying me. He was being a velociraptor today. He kept making snarky faces at the other horses when they passed and alligator biting the air randomly. And when we first started we all gathered round Beth and she was talking. She then walked a bit towards us and turned her back and Dan was totally making snarky faces at her behind her back. I said "oooooh... you better smack him"! and she turned around and he pricked his ears like "Hi!! Let's be friends"!. Hee hee.. Such a stinker!

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