Sunday, August 19, 2018

Call the Wahhhhhhhmmmmbulance

So..... I have cute videos of Dan to post... of him trying to entertain himself while I'm indisposed....

He cracks me up. And the inchworm makes me laugh too. Such a happy little inchworm. ;) 

And while I'm doing that... I'm going to whine. So... just let me have my pity party and my whine fest and get it out of my system. I KNOW life is good... I have soooo many things to be grateful for... but for freaks' sake... diarrhea for 8 days now really blows... :( 

I'm just so tired of being stuck. I can't really ride.... I can't really work. I can only accomplish so much because of the waves of weakness and frequent potty runs. And I know I've jokingly thought it would be nice to get in a car crash so I'm forced to rest, but.... really... I ain't got time for that!!! I'm already booked a month ahead.... so now, I'm stressing about fitting everyone in even more.... how am I going to fit in the people that I've cancelled on??? You know how.. by sacrificing my weekends and days off, that's how. Which means.. I've lost riding days because of my butt and now am losing riding days to make up work. That's stupid. That sucks. Normal people with normal jobs get sick days and still get weekends. Right?! I mean.... it just sucks. 

And yes... I'm grateful that I only missed one little show, which got cancelled cause of the rain anyways. And I'm grateful that I'm not puking on top of having diarrhea too.. but my new saddle comes tomorrow!!!! Ugh.... I have plans... I have things to do. This sucks. :( 

Okay... I'm done... I hope. And I would say I'm getting better, but I've had 5 diarrheas since midnight. It is 10 am. That's once every 2 hours. That sucks... 

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