Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On the Mend!

So... SHHHHHHH.... I rode today. :) I know, I'm supposed to be resting, but I even had a client tell me to go ride... a short ride.. but it'll make me feel better. She was right. :)

I couldn't help it. It's been so long. And my new saddle. And I wanted to make sure that my energy would last before I spent it on clients. And I did see one client today. And have 3 scheduled for tomorrow. 

So.. I am feeling better. I'm convinced I have some nasty protozoa or parasite and it'll probably rear it's ugly head again in about 3 weeks, so.. yay, looking forward to that....  But I feel better. I'm not chained to the toilet anymore. My stomach has stopped cramping. My appetite is a smidge better but still not great. And my energy levels are better. At least the waves of better are longer. I slept 10 hours yesterday and woke up and was still pretty tired, but after I ate some applesauce and sat down for another 30 minutes I was able to go feed ponies and clean the barn. I came back inside and worked on the schedule for a little bit and then decided to go ride. 

I behaved. We did try out the new dressage saddle!! But I trail rode. I mostly walked. We trotted a tiny bit and did a little bit of cantering but really tiny bits. And then when we finished, I wanted to do a teensy bit of dressage in the field.. just because of the new saddle. And the weather was gorgeous.. hot but a nice cool breeze. So I told God I would just do one trot each way and a canter each way. And I did. I held my end of the bargain. We headed back in. But I needed that! So did Dan!

I decided I would just hose him off at home as it would be easier with the cross-ties and the sprayer and then he could wear his boots home. So I did. But... for whatever stupid reason... when I unloaded him at home.. he slid off the ramp the last step. I don't even know what he did but he almost went to his knees and when it was all said and done he was standing with his right hind up in the air. WHAT?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was afraid... so very afraid. He stood like that for about 2 minutes. TWO LONG WHOLE MINUTES!! Seriously Dan... did you break it?? What the heck?? So... he put it down.... but didn't put weight on it. Tried to hop a step or two and finally put it down but was pretty gimpy. Sigh... So we sat there for a minute, me just about in tears. I finally took the lead rope off to see what he would do. He finally walked back to the barn and was using it but definitely short strided. Okay... breathing....  And then I panicked again! What if he had tore that muscle again?? It's kind of what it looked like. Sigh.... So I hosed him off. I couldn't find any lumps or hot spots. I let him loose again and he went to his stall. So.. I put them in for the day... and went in to cry. 

I ate a little something, changed, and then had to go work on one horse. I checked him again and he was standing with his weight on that leg. Then he shifted to the other leg. Then he scratched his butt against the wall, rocking back and forth between both legs....  So... maybe he's fine? I couldn't find anything with the magic sticks other than one spot on his lateral hock but it wasn't persistent. I left him in and figured I'd check again. When I came back, about 3 hours later... he was standing fine. No heat. Only one weird lump medial thigh just above the hock but he wasn't tender and it looked like a bug bite reaction more than anything. So.... who knows?!? I turned him out and he wandered around but not enough to really tell if he was sound or not. He also rolled and seemed fine. He didn't bolt off or anything so... ???

PRAYING HARD that he just stepped on his sore spot on his coronary band and stung himself hard. I figured I'd try for another quick ride in the morning before I try to go see 3 horses and feel him out. Sigh.... so yay that I feel better... hopefully now we can keep Dan together too!

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