Saturday, August 18, 2018


Sigh... both of us. I think Danny was cranky because I was cranky. And I feel awful because at one point in time, I took it out on him. We were having a decent lesson and he was being pretty good. We were working on getting him to lift his ncek, withers and poll and lift into the bridle rather than me cranking his head down. And at one point, I spanked him with my crop. I don't remember if it's because he pinned his ears at another horse or if he wouldn't get off my leg or if he wouldn't go forward. But he kicked out. So I popped him again. And he kicked out again and then we went into a bucking, kicking, smacking spree. He threw in some good bucks! It lasted probably all of 10 seconds, but... yeeehaw!! And then we were fine. I was just so mad at him for over-reacting to my whip aid. It wasn't like I was harsh with it. And then I was embarassed in front of everyone. Sigh.. 

And now... I can't even remember the other important points of the lesson. But the gist of it was lifting his ribcage and getting him to "hang" in the bridle. We got some nice work though. And he's definitely a bit friskier the last few rides. Not sure if it's FINALLY the cooler weather overnight. And it's only overnight, because it's still hotter than heck during the day. But it is lovely to feel that slight brisk cool breeze in the mornings now.

I hope he still loves me. 

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  1. <3 horses are very forgiving, if only we could learn from them and be at least half as much so to ourselves <3