Sunday, April 1, 2018

So Blessed

Another great day. Mike and I slept in and then we went to Easter lunch at his Moms. (I sort of wanted to go to Sunrise service but... we kind of had a rough night and I had a migraine and needed sleep... I know, excuses, excuses). On the way to his Mom's we talked about what Easter meant and why Jesus had to sacrifice and Mike reminded me that Jesus had to die as a perfect person. Like.. no mistakes ever, no ill thoughts, no jealousy, no sins... NO SINS!! Jeepers... I don't know... I guess I knew that, but I really thought about it today. We had a good talk and discussed some more stuff. I like when Mike and I get to talk about God. It's always good. We had a great time with his family and had a good lunch. 

Then when we got home, I took Dan for a short relaxing hack. I did about 30 minutes just the two of us... thanking God and Jesus for everything. We mostly walked, but did a few little bits of trotting and cantering. Then Kelli joined us and we had a nice long 30 min walk hack. It was great. 

Dan and I both needed a nice little relaxing day. 

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