Sunday, April 8, 2018

Getting back to the Fun and Love

So.. yet again the weather people were wrong! It was supposed to rain ALL day so I had sort of resigned myself to not riding. Mike and I slept in (although I was up late doing unicorn dinosaur shopping!) and then we went to breakfast. Then I went to the Horse Park to meet Teresa and bought her generators! YAHOO! I'm soooo close to being completely set up with my horse trailer "LQ". :) I got a great deal on them. So then I went and go fertilizer and lime before the feed store closed. Then when I got home.. it was not raining (and hadn't all morning...) so I went ahead and put out the lime and fertilizer. Luckily I still had enough time to go for a ride. So I did. :) I didn't have enough time to take Fleck too sadly, but... Dan and I had fun.

Oh, this morning... even though he was turned out all night, he was a fool! He went rip roaring around the pastures... bucking repeatedly, rearing, sliding.... It was madness. Then he did his "the ground must die" routine before rolling... Good grief. He was a hooligan. So anyways... I wasn't sure how tired or animated he would be on the trails, but it was many hours later so we were fine. 

We had a nice ride. We just hacked around and did some fitness and hill work. The new app I'm using to track our rides tells us how much walk vs trot vs canter work we do, so I was kind of aiming for 15 minutes of canter. Yep.. we only managed 9 minutes. It's really hard to canter for that long without doing actual canter sets. And I'm not quite sure he needs to be doing 3 five minute canter sets yet. He's not running training level. :) Or a 3 day. (Sadly... I'm still so bummed we're missing out on the N3D this year. Sigh...). He was actually feeling kind of lazy on the trails but I wanted to do a tiny bit of dressage. I actually probably would have done all dressage but I left my dressage saddle with Jamie to try, so... we hacked. But we did some dressage in the field and he was actually quite nice. He was hanging and bracing on the right rein but when I lifted my hand, he softened into the bridle. And then I made sure I wasn't hanging back. So we got some really nice work. We also jumped over a few XC fences, cause... you know, we can. ;) He was fine. It was nothing major but we also just popped over some small ones, so it shouldn't have been. Poor guy though... we were cantering up to the cabin and I didn't see the distance so I just softened and went limp (I know... I know.. I was JUST working on this) and he started to jump but his hind end slid in the wet grass and while he managed to make it over, it was not pretty. Poor guy. Thanks buddy! We had two nice fences after that though. 

So yep... a nice late afternoon ride. :) 

 He's so stinking adorable!! That face is really starting to make my heart melt! Especially when he's all cute and cuddly. :)

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